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Custom 3D tuning. Customize & Build a car

3.2.346 for Android

FormaCar LLC

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Vehicle application - FormaCar. Custom cars and 3d tuning app, which includes a 3D Configurator, auto news and car’s customization, catalog of 3dt kit spares for tuning car, wheels, spoilers.
Make a ride in a made-by-you car. Customizing automobile portal -3D tuning, car builder and mechanic simulator and vehicle building games - FormaCar includes it all.

Your own car model
Now you can see any 3D car in any location thanks to the AR mode (Augmented reality). It’s easy to build a car, customize it and take a ride around your district or even your house. 3dt app make you a real car maker with all car tuning customization opportunities. Doesn’t matter whether you prefer sports custom cars or want to be a truck builder using our tuning tools you can make a real car factory. You customize your project cars: car engine, project wheels, coloring cars - any tuning tools. AR apps are perfect to build car or as a mechanic simulator. Turn the brutal off-road into the low rider or make a monster truck from a city car.

News and social media
While customizing cars you can share it with others. Get an advice in coloring cars or share your experience in 3d tuning. The car mechanic simulator becomes a professional network. You are always up to date with the latest news about the world’s most talked about vehicles and technology.

Spares and accessorie
You can build a car in reality! FormaСar is a car creator where you can make 3d tuning project cars, choose the spare details and tools you need and start customizing your real car.

It’s a very handy engineering platform.
We’ve got a huge amount of cars available in our car creator. More than 1000 sports cars, trucks and different city cars. Any car engine, wheels or car body kit might be used to help you to create your dream car.

AR mode only functions for ARcore-enabled devices, a full list can be found -

Write us your feedback and suggestions by mail:

FormaCar- is an app about сar customization, 3d tuning, сar builder, various tuning tools, 3dt kit and more… Custom cars in your phone!

FormaCar 3.2.346 Güncelleme

We work every day on Formacar!
- Added new registration / authorization methods via Apple ID and Google.
- Now you can link all your social networks to your account for easy authorization.
- Added stickers section in 3D Configurator version 2.0
- Added information for cars end tuning in the 3D Configurator.
- In the 3D Configurator version 2.0, different interior color palettes are added to the car interior painting section.
PS.You can send your comments and suggestions to

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