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0.11.2 for Android


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Fabriq is a relationship tracker & reminders app for your personal relationships. Get intentional about your people – for free!

• Prioritize & track your most important relationships
• Get reminders to reach out consistently
• Keep notes & reflections about your interactions
• Manage relationships effortlessly

• Touch base consistently
• Show up when it counts
• Remember the details that keep you close
• Improve your social skills & habits

Add Your Favorite People
Get intentional about the most important people in your life (up to 150 of them) — set goals to reconnect regularly.

Keep Notes & Set Reminders
Add notes about important details and reminders of life events so you can show up when it counts.

Track Your Connections
Keep tabs on how often you connect and the quality of those connections over time.

Get Recurring Reminders
Stay in touch according to your reconnection goals, Fabriq will let you know when it’s time to check-in!

Start Conversations Right
Meme or heartfelt message? Get conversation starters to kickstart your connections and stay on track with your reconnection goals.

Don’t let a full plate get in the way of genuine connections with the people that matter most. Download Fabriq – intentionally invest in your people. (They don’t have to be on the app!)


What People Are Saying:

“What a game changer! Fabriq has impacted my life for the better. I’m now able to stay in touch with the people that matter the most, when it counts. I love the notes and reminders to follow up. I especially love that I’ll never forget again to call my mom on a Sunday. Five stars all the way around.”

“I thought I was remembering to stay in touch with all the people I love in my life, but Fabriq helped me realize I wasn’t reaching out as often as I thought. Reminders to connect, when I’ve connected with them last, and ideas! Love this app!”

“Fabriq is much more fulfilling and personal than Facebook or Instagram. It’s facilitating genuine connection and helps me to focus my energy on the right people.”

“This app has helped with little pushes to make me be more cognizant of how often I’m connecting with those that matter most to me.”

“Absolutely love it…Something I’ve been wishing for, for a long time. I left FB many months ago but felt a little sad that I had to give up my “real” network on there. Now I have it back in a more meaningful way. Thank you!”

“It’s exactly what I was looking for: a platform to prioritize my very busy social life and make sure nobody slips through the cracks. To make me a better friend and partner.”


Fulfilling relationships keep you happy and healthy. When you prioritize quality time with your people, you naturally show up better for them and yourself. Fabriq is designed to improve your social health and make building better social habits easy, so you can focus on what (and who) really matters.

Fabriq 0.11.2 Güncelleme

New! Track your progress on goals and new habits like getting intentional about your people and staying in touch with...
- Month-to-month goal progress tracking
- Real-time milestone celebrations (go you!)
- Actionable suggestions on how to get even more intentional and stay in better touch with your people
Plus, bug fixes and performance updates!

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