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Epson Projector Config Tool

1.0.0 for Android
Seiko Epson Corporation

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Epson Projector Config Tool is an app that using NFC wireless communications technology to change projector settings and check equipment information. Simply hold an NFC-compatible Android device over the NFC mark on the projector to change settings and obtain information about the projector, even when it is off. You can enter all the network settings and projection settings in advance, which can greatly reduce the time and effort required to install multiple projectors.

Main Features
1) NFC read/write function
You can read or write projector setting information simply by holding an NFC-compatible Android device that is running Epson Projector Config Tool over the NFC mark. NFC writing can be secured by setting password authentication so that only the device administrator can change the settings.

2) Batch editing function for setting up multiple projectors
You can use the app to batch edit the settings of up to 100 projectors simply by holding your Android device over the NFC marks of each of the projectors. In addition, you can use the file export/import function to edit a projector list in csv file format that you can edit in spreadsheet software on a PC, import it into the app, and use it to change settings.

3) Projector management feature
Information such as projector usage time and error logs can be captured by NFC reading, making the routine management of devices a breeze, even when they are powered off.

Projectors that support the app:
Currently, only with high-brightness projector models support the app.

The screenshot is only one usage example and may differ from actual specifications.

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