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Electronics Circuits and Communications Tutorial

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This Application supplies basic information on how to use electronic components and explains the logic behind solid state circuit design. Starting with an introduction to semiconductor physics, the tutorial moves on to cover topics such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, diodes, and transistors.

Some of the topics and the circuits built with the components discussed in this tutorial are elaborately discussed in the Electronics and Communications tutorial menu. The circuits mentioned in this tutorial are mostly related to the applications of diodes. The components mentioned in Basic Electronics tutorial have their applications seen here. Almost all the important diode circuits are covered in this tutorial

The basic Electronics component explain about;
Basic Electronics - Energy Bands, Semiconductors, Hall Effect, Circuit Connections in Resistors, - Fixed Resistors, Basic Electronics - Capacitors, Variable Capacitor, - Fixed Capacitors, Electronics - Inductors, Inductance, Connections in Inductors, Types of Inductors,- RF Inductors, Electronics - Transformers, Transformer Efficiency, Electronics - Junction Diodes, Special Purpose Diodes, Electronics - Transistors Configurations, Transistor Load Line Analysis, JFET - MOSFET, and much more again include on this application you an get them now for FREE.

the circuits Electronics and Communications explain about;
Linear Wave Shapping, Special Functions of LPF and HPF, Nonlinear Wave Shapping, Positive Clipper Circuits, Negative Clipper Circuits, Clamper Circuits, Limiter and Voltage Multiplier, Diode as a Switch, Power Supplies, Electronic Circuits - Rectifiers, - Filters - Regulators - SMPS and much more on this application.

This tutorial should be useful for all readers who want to gain preliminary knowledge regarding the basic components used in electronic circuits. This tutorial is intended for beginners in the field of Electronics and Communications and hence, it would be useful for most students. It has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of beginners who are interested in learning the functionalities of basic circuits used in Electronics and Communication.

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This is NOT an official Electronics Circuits and Communications but a Tutorial made app. All the logos, trademarks and sources are the properties of their respective owners. We do not endorse in hosting or supporting the channel. If there is any issue, kindly send us an email with full details.

There is no copyright infringement intended, If you are the copyright holder of the images or content on this application and do not want your image displayed, please contact us via email developer and tell us about the status of your ownership over it. We will remove the image. Privacy Policy of the application :

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