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Dungeon Madness 2

1.5.2 for Android


Dungeon Madness 2 Açıklaması

A long-awaited sequel to the beautiful pixel-art Dungeon Madness is here! Dungeon Madness 2: The Wizard's Quest is a brand new game where you become a powerful wizard. All the things you've enjoyed in the original game are here plus much more!

Evil is once more threatening the world and you are once again the only one who can stop it. Clear the dungeons from hordes of Moirlog's minions, defeat mighty bosses, and craft the best equipment in this captivating fantasy universe. Encounter hundreds of new monsters, levels, equipment, spells, and most and foremost new jokes. Mobile fun reinvented!

- Level up your wizard by gathering experience and assign stat points
- Explore over 55 dungeon floors
- Unleash your power with up to 15 different spells at those goblins!
- Defeat up to 7 fun bosses, each of them with different tactics
- Find or craft the best equipment in the game
- Enjoy never ending fun with randomly generated dungeons
- Teleport to your base to catch a break from nasty skeletons
- Survive as long as possible in battlegrounds for great rewards
- Buy mercenaries that will clear dungeons for you

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Dungeon Madness 2 1.5.2 Güncelleme

24th January 2018, 1.5.2:
Removed ads

3rd September 2016, 1.5.1:
Added tutorial
Fixed some bugs

26th July 2016, 1.5.0:
Added a spinning wheel of fortune!

6th March 2016, 1.4.1 & 1.4.2:
Fixed revive button in battlegrounds
Bug fixes

18th February 2016, 1.4.0:
Crafting takes in-game time instead of real world time

11th November 2015, 1.3.3 & 1.3.4:
Removed tokens instead you use gems
Gems and coins now drop from monsters
Transmute old token to receive 1200 gems for each

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