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Sep 7, 2023

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Car rental in Moscow and cities

Delimobil is a convenient carsharing for the city. Carsharing is cars that can be borrowed through the app for a minute, hour, or day. Suitable for drivers over 18 years old, you will need a passport and driving license to sign up.

Here's how it works

You open the app, choose the nearest car and go where you want. Then you park and lock the car from your smartphone. And the cost of the rent is deducted from the card.

​​What's especially good

Minimum driving experience

Let our cars be your first cars. Continue to practice after obtaining rights to maintain your skills. We know how important this is.

Personal price

The cost of a minute depends on how you behave while driving. If you drive carefully, the price will be lower.

Business access

Cars like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz open up to good drivers, regardless of the numbers in the passport and license. We hope you are one of those.

The ability to travel

Wherever you are planning to go, you can most likely get there by a delimobil. And if you are going to travel around the country, you will meet our cars in 11 cities.

​​What's just good


It is easier to have a lot of delimobils than to buy just one of your own cars. They do not need to be refueled, washed, repaired, and you do not need to pay for anything other than driving time.


Trying different cars all the time is very exciting. Where do you want to start: with popular models like the Volkswagen Polo, BMW 3, Mercedes-Benz E-class or with the rather exclusive Fiat 500, MINI Cooper, Kia Stinger?


We have especially thought out a lot of tariffs so that every trip is profitable. With no exceptions.


When you download the app, we ask you to go through a simple registration. Leave your phone number, email and take a photo of two documents: passport and license. You can rest assured that the data is encrypted and stored securely with us. And documents are needed only to draw up a contract at a distance and check whether you can drive.

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Last updated on Sep 7, 2023

Празднуем день рождения целый месяц.

Запускаем Шейкер со скидками, бонусами на поездки, презентами от Самоката, Золотого Яблока, Lamoda и не только.

Призов будет много — мы добавили отдельный раздел для них. Также теперь можно скопировать выигранный промокод прямо из приложения.

А ещё будет Супершейкер с суперпризами: новеньким яблочным смартфоном, путешествием, шопингом и другими классными подарками. Чтобы выиграть, понадобится 400 минут в пути и чуточка везения.

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