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Deadly Destroyers

6.0 for Android

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Lately your enemy has changed strategy to core. They won’t confront you head on… instead cowards have created whole set of autonomous weapons which are blood thirsty. When you enter warzone, you will see them waiting for you to attack equipped with latest distance sensors. As soon as your deadly destroyer enters in range they will attack you fiercely and blow you off.

Most important aspect of this battle is to destroy all weaponry installed on ground and move ahead so enemy cannot rise again. Always give deep though and strategize on route plan, so you can move out warzone destroying everything in minimum time frame. War Car Madness makes you feel true thrill of battle ground.

It takes only few shots of enemy to burn out your deadly destroyer to finish you completely. Luckily you are armed with far more sophisticated ammunition and armor, so you stand better chanced compared to them while getting hit. But yes, because they are in greater number and more vigil compared to you due to their machine instincts, it poses great challenge for you. We wish you success on your road to deadly battle ground… Let Deadly Destroyers grip you now!


★ War Car Physics
★ High Tech Weaponry
★ Sturdy War Vehicles
★ Frightening Sound Effects
★ War Zone Graphics FX

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The most powerful War Car on Earth for you to drive!

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