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COUP - eScooter Sharing in Berlin, Madrid & Paris

3.2.3 for Android

Coup Mobility GmbH

COUP - eScooter Sharing in Berlin, Madrid & Paris Açıklaması

COUP offers electric scooters for your rides across Berlin, Paris, and Madrid. Transport wherever you want quickly and hassle-free within these cities by using one of the best e-scooter sharing & rental apps. This new way of transportation will change your life - time to join the new wave of urban mobility!

Berlin, Paris, Madrid: Stay ahead and in control of your time. No one beats COUP's fastest book-and-return scooter rental experience. Quickly jumping between appointments? Commuting, having a work meeting, or going shopping? Want to try out a new lunch spot or impress your date? Then take a COUP electric scooter and go. Download, unlock, ride!

No keys, no card, no nonsense. All you need is the COUP app to unlock an e-scooter within seconds. You can then travel up to 60 kilometers with a scooter around Berlin, Madrid and Paris. COUP is one of the most convenient shared transportation and vehicle rental service providers.

Jumping from one appointment to another? Meeting with a friend and going from a fancy restaurant to a trendy bar? Everybody has a busy life and COUP gets it. All of our e-scooters have extra long life Gogoro battery that will keep you on the road for hours and up to 60km. On top of it, you can make a free reservation at your convenience for an electric scooter for up to 24h.

We understand that you want to share our great riding experience with other people. Great news! When riding in Berlin, Paris or Madrid, you can travel with another person on the same vehicle! Both of you are insured and there is no extra fee. You can quickly go from a point A to B by sharing only one scooter. A second helmet needs to be provided and worn by the second passenger though. Sharing is caring - with COUP, you are not only sharing a scooter, but also sharing a new idea of transport and a fun experience!

Tired of looking for a free parking spot or turning around for hours until a parking space finally becomes available? With COUP, mobility is without stress: You can simply park your electric scooter on designated areas according to your country’s regulations. It is easy, quick, and convenient - everything smart urban mobility requires.

COUP takes care of each ride taker. Therefore, each escooter is insured and you are fully covered during a booking of our vehicle. Our scooters and helmets not only look cool, but also meet the highest safety standards for transport. They get checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Moreover, we provide disposable black hygiene caps for each ride you rent.

Our electric Gogoro scooters bring you from A to B, at a reasonable price: As much as you would pay for the bus, bike or subway, and much less than a cab ride. You can anticipate the rental cost of your rides and see your ride history. Walking is free, but surely less fun than COUP!

Sign up for free within minutes! To use COUP, you only need to have a valid driver's licence (class B/AM) and your ID. The registration within the app only takes a few minutes. Great news, the minimum age for using COUP is now 18 years old.

Each electric scooter has been built by Gogoro and is available in Europe exclusively through COUP. This revolution in urban mobility is unique and smart as it combines the highest and latest technologies available. It is respectful towards the environment and represents the future of transportation. In modern urban transport, no vehicle can beat COUP electric scooters!

For more information about COUP, our escooters, rental service, FAQ and support, you can visit to get all the guidance you need. Our customer support agent are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions or help you with any of your problem.

COUP - eScooter Sharing in Berlin, Madrid & Paris 3.2.3 Güncelleme

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