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Coruson for Android makes the task of capturing data and sharing information easier by combining the power of Coruson’s reporting, audit and document modules with the functionality and mobility of android mobile devices and tablets.

The app removes the need to manage mountains of paperwork during the reporting and audit processes. Reports and audits are made available on the app and on the move, removing lengthy administration times normally associated with paper based reporting and audit management. Reporting timeframes for mandatory reports can be set, ensuring crucial information for specific fields within a report is captured.

The app provides access to reports which are only relevant to your job role, streamlining the reporting process to make it easier to find the report you need before easily uploading the completed version back into Coruson. By capturing information and being able to report ‘live’ at the point of occurrence it increases the overall quality and accuracy of data for future analysis. The app synchronises with the Coruson server to receive new reporting forms and updates to existing forms.

The audit module allows users to perform and capture audit data while on the move. Audits can be downloaded and performed directly from the Coruson Android app offering mobility to users and keeping audit information in one place, allowing users to quickly answer checklist questions on the fly and raise findings immediately from their device.

The documents module allows users to securely access documentation distributed and controlled by their organisation. Documents can be easily downloaded, acknowledged and stored on the app for convenient offline access. Active document filters created by the users on the web application can be accessed from the Coruson mobile app, allowing users to easily group and download multiple documents for offline viewing.


· Download Coruson reports to be completed on Android devices

· Upload complete reports back to Coruson

· Download Audits to be performed on Android devices

· Upload complete or partially completed audits to Coruson

· Download and view documents controlled by your organisation and store for offline use

· Conveniently acknowledge documents distributed to you

· Synchronise with your Coruson server to receive new reports, audits and documents and any updates to existing reports, audits or documentation

· Capture GPS coordinates of the event you are reporting on

· Add photo attachments to your reports and audit findings

· Users can customise the report screen layout to suit their needs

If you require assistance in deploying Coruson for Android, please contact for advice on your organisation’s implementation.

Coruson Güncelleme

New Features:
* Auditor Actions are now included within Checklists

Resolved Issues:
* Resolved an issue where some attachments and findings were not uploaded with an audit
* Resolved an issue where users were unable to type into List fields when the device was in landscape
* Resolved text annotation sizing issue
* Other minor issues

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