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Clearful is a free digital journal and diary with lock for daily mindfulness, gratitude, self-care, productivity, and mental health. Be more mindful with journal writing prompts and daily reflections.


Calm Writing Canvas: Focus and write without distraction in your Clearful thought diary.

Guided Journal Prompts & Templates: Clearful is a free journal app with daily questions, writing prompts, and easy journaling templates.

Gratitude & Happiness: Be more mindful, grateful, and thankful with positive journaling questions.

Goal Setting & Self-Improvement: Reflect and set goals in your personal journal and planner.

Daily Mindfulness: Be more present and mindful with daily reflections of your life (goes well with your meditation practice).

Mental Health Improvement: Reduce stress, relieve anxiety, understand your emotions, and gain clarity to have a better mindset.

Self-Care: Take a moment for yourself, write affirmations for gratitude and positivity, and gain acceptance in your self-care journal.

Secure & Private Journal: Your personal life and thoughts are safe with diary encryption.


- Work & Career
- Creativity
- Emotions
- Goals & Planning
- Gratitude & Happiness
- Health & Wellness
- Memories & Milestones
- Personal Development
- Reflection & Review
- Relationships
- Sleep & Wake Up
- Stress & Anxiety
- Daily
- Travel


Gratitude Journal: Increase your daily happiness and positivity by focusing on the good and feeling more grateful.

5 Minute Journal: A morning routine for feeling grateful, focusing on goal setting, and writing daily affirmations. An evening routine for mindfulness and daily reflections.

Achievement Journal: Use Clearful as a success diary to celebrate your wins and record your personal growth and self-improvement accomplishments.

Mental Health Tracker: Reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and mood to better understand yourself, practice cbt, and focus on self-care in your mental health thought diary with lock.

Travel Journal: Remember and reflect on your travel adventures with a trip diary.

Dream Journal: Record dreams in a dream diary as part of a morning routine to capture memories and analyze patterns.

Creative Journal: Spark your imagination with creative writing and generate new ideas for life and work in your journaling practice.

Work Journal: Improve productivity, learn lessons, do goal setting, and have a better career.

Memory Journal: Capture moments and celebrate highlights in a life memories diary.

Bucket List: Plan and achieve life goals and travel adventures by creating bucket list journals for all the things you want to accomplish.

Meditation Notes Journal: Reflect in your diary on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise during meditation and mindfulness practice.

Personal Review: Reflect on your personal development with weekly, monthly, and yearly reviews and make Clearful your life planner.


- Gratitude and happiness
- Self-Improvement, self-help, personal growth
- Productivity in life and work
- Anxiety relief and stress relief
- Practice mindfulness daily
- Self-care and mental health tracking
- Reliving life memories
- Daily reflections and affirmations
- Morning routine and daily goals planning
- Practice philosophy and stoicism

Visit to learn more about the Clearful free digital journaling app.

Please email for feedback and support.


Clearful 2.8.0 Güncelleme

Hey Clearful Journalers,

Today's release includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support! As always, please reach out to us at with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

If you like this update, please consider supporting Clearful by leaving a 5-star rating so we can continue making the app better!

Happy journaling,

Team Clearful

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