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1.04 for Android

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Circle Hole! is one of those minimalistic high score chasers that everyone loves on mobile. You have to swipe to steer a hole around a series of levels, dropping a bunch of white shapes into it.

Accidentally drop a colour blockblaster shape in and it’s game over. Circle Hole! is a simple, fast-paced arcade style game in which you will need a quick reaction time to avoid the colorful obstacles as your block down the pit.

=> Awesome rewards and cool puzzles.
=> Awesome 3D Graphics.
=> Experiment with colors and designs.
=> HD Graphics and color which kids love.
=> Colorful pictures and funny sounds make your baby smile for a long time.

Circle Hole! is a new games were You Have To eat all the white color you have but if you eat the red one you will restart the Level.This is most popular game of Color hole 3D
hole ball game. It is ball in the hole and round pit game and pieces game puzzle game.

Color round and ball in hole game. Ball hole is kids games and drag ball games. This is 3d hole game to enjoy kids. This is rolling games for hole run. It is colour hole game and roll balls

Circle Hole 1.04 Güncelleme

- fix lag gameplay

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Gereksinimler: Android 4.1+

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