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Visit Buenos Aires at your own rhythm without an internet connection and explore the best sights with our two different walking itineraries focusing on “the historical” and “Retiro”. We give you all the important information for getting around Buenos Aires, which streets to take during your walking tour, and ensure that you have a wonderful time in Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America!

The best free app to visit Buenos Aires!

With our free offline itineraries and walking tours, you will enjoy the city of Buenos Aires at your own rhythm and experience the best walking tours the city has to offer!

We have created two different city tours to let you explore Buenos Aires at your own pace and according to your own schedule!

Did you know that…. Buenos Aires is one of the most visited cities in the world and has a very rich history! Our team at TourBlink is comprised of professional tour guides who know what questions you might have and what you want to see during your trip in Buenos Aires. All the information in the app is concise, useful, fun and easy to understand!

Are you asking yourself “What’s this monument?” Simply start the app, take a peek at the monument through the camera lense, take a picture, and let TourBlink image recognition system identify the monument in front of you. In seconds, you will receive interesting and concise information that will let you appreciate all the artwork in Buenos Aires. We currently have 30 monuments catalogued in our system, but we’re constantly adding more to better inform travellers!

No data, no problem! You can visit the city of Buenos Aires and get all the practical information offline without roaming charges. TourBlink specialized in walking tours available offline.

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