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1.6.2 for Android

BitMovio, Inc.

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BitMovio is a gamified video streaming platform based on freemium model that is enabled by in-platform virtual currency, cryptocurrency and blockchain. BitMovio transforms fundamentally how content are monetized, how content creators are paid, and how value and attention are compensated and rewarded. It provides unprecedented flexibility, interactivity and transparency for content creators to monetize their content and build their fan base in web 3.0 era.

Our content creator community ranges from individual gamers, streamers, independent film producers to global production studios focusing on the verticals of gaming/eSports, sports, sci-fi/fantasy, horror/thriller, paranormal and other thought-provoking content. We support a variety of monetization models and next-generation gamified and interactive experience such as real-time chat, on-screen bullet chat, tipping, gifting, micro transaction, etc, creating an engaging and emotionally connected community globally.

Upon sign-up, each user will be assigned an eWallet containing a cryptocurrency wallet, Ethereum, and a virtual currency wallet, MoviBits. Consumers can fund their BitMovio eWallet with cryptocurrency in order to support their favorite content creators, and can also purchase our in-platform virtual currency MoviBits with credit card/debit card to support their favorite content creators.

Safety and security:
Signed-in users can also have advanced controls in security and safety, such as enabling two-factor authentication, safeguarding the content community by flagging content, setting-up advanced filters to block 18+ content and inappropriate content, and more.

Interactivity, engagement and Monetization:
Content creators can chat one-on-one with their global fans, and arrange premiere events to instantly engage with their fans with real-time chat. We provide flexible tools for content creators to manage meta data, set-up flexible pricing and geo-blocking rules for each piece of content and streams. We offer granular reporting and analytics for trust and transparency. More advanced features such as uploading pre-recorded content, edit existing content, advanced reporting & analytics are available for content creators through our web product.

Consumers can enjoy free content and preview a portion of paid content without creating an account; but need to login in order to interact and engage with content creators and the community. Consumers can interact with content creators and other viewers in real-time chat, on-screen bullet chat, and one-on-one messaging. Consumers can support content creators through tipping/gifting, micro-transaction and can share their favorite content to external social network to help promote the content.

Join the hundreds of thousands of forward-thinking content creators and fans to build a community that are fair, transparent, engaging and supportive of creativity. Take your passion to the next level with BitMovio!

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BitMovio 1.6.2 Güncelleme

- Performance improvement
- Bug fixes

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