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6.4.7 for Android


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Biocoded - Secure communication solution for your Android device

With Biocoded you can

- Make and receive encrypted voice calls
- Make and receive encrypted conference calls
- Send encrypted text messages
- Take and send encrypted photos
- Make encrypted group chats
- Create and manage chatrooms
- Participate in conference rooms
- Create a confidential live stream, with recording for later viewing (BIOCODED EVIDENCE)
- Share your location in real time with your group
- Location pinning
- Record and send encrypted voice messages
- Send encrypted images and videos
- Use timed self-destruction of messages

Biocoded provides full end-to-end encryption.


Biocoded 6.4.7 Güncelleme

+ New reply message feature: You can now directly reply on any message in your conversations. To reply to a message simply swipe over the message from left to right and press the reply button or press and hold on the message that you with to reply to and press reply. You can interact and reply to any type of message - text, image or file.
+ Chromebook support

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Uploaded by: Meenakshi Garg

En Son Sürüm: 6.4.7Güncelleme Biocoded İste

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Gereksinimler: Android 5.0+

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