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Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle

1.08 for Android
Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Açıklaması

Install Fusion Lifecycle on any of your Android devices and get even more out of the next generation cloud based Product Lifecycle Management alternative. The app’s features include:
The Dashboard - Stay on top of status and work with quick access to your Outstanding Items, Recent Items, Reports and Pinned Items.

Workspace Data – Make sure the whole team is always connected wherever they are with access to an instantly updated single source of “the truth”.

Workflow – Eliminate bottlenecks in your processes by letting task owners perform approvals and other workflow actions the minute they are notified, regardless of where they are.

Change Management – Take control of change as it happens by responding to Change Requests in real time and instantly initiating and communicating Change Orders. Understand the what, where, and why of every change by viewing a record of the complete change history and approval process.

Attachments – Improve your team’s understanding of products, assemblies and components by quickly and easily capturing and attaching images with your camera or from your Gallery whenever and wherever.

Reports – Improve decision-making by accessing custom and shared easy-to-understand reports charts, and graphs.

To find out more about Fusion Lifecycle, please visit To participate in our community, get help and training, share your ideas and meet our experts, please visit

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle 1.08 Güncelleme

New! Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle extends support for Enterprise ‘Single Sign On’ to their new mobile application. Companies with enabled Enterprise SSO can be assured a consistent authentication token model and any other multifactor security approaches they may have employed to govern their users access to Fusion Lifecycle cloud SaaS application regardless of where they are located and which device they are using to manage lifecycle of their products.

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