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AR STAMP Motivational Açıklaması

With the COLOP [AR]STAMP APP (AR = Augmented Reality) the smartphone or tablet reacts on special stamp imprints. The app recognises the [AR]STAMP-imprint in the viewfinder and shows the suitable animation. This innovative technique can be used for a lot of interesting applications. COLOP uses it especially for the so called “Motivational stamp”. These stamps are made for children in preschool and primary school and are targeted for their teachers and parents. The idea is as simple as great. If the work is well done teachers or parents stamp the funny and colourful imprint – e. g. a cartoon of a busy bee – into the exercise book of the child to reward and motivate it.

The imprint itself works even double: immediately when the child finds it in the exercise book and a second time as soon as the imprint is awaked by using the COLOP [AR]STAMP-App. The parents will watch the imprint through the mobile device together with their child and enjoy the animation. The children can repeat the funny clip as often as they wish. They can collect “rewards” for good jobs and share it with their grandparents, friends or whoever they want to show it. The [AR]STAMP-App of course can be downloaded for free.

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