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Analog Palette - Vintage Edition

1.0 for Android

Nahir Esper

Analog Palette - Vintage Edition Açıklaması

Description of filters:

📌 Filter 01 and 02: With natural tones, subtle color changes and slight discoloration, filters 1 and 2 are inspired by the classic analog film. Very suitable for interiors, portraits and food photography, This is a good filter for your friends.

📌 Filters 03 and 04: Inspired by the aesthetics of the first color photographs, both filters embody the bright and bold appearance of the mid-century analog film. The first strong colors are mixed with muted neutral tones, perfect for portraits, environments and stylized editorials.

📌 Filter 05: The best emulation of disposable camra (35mm) to postprocess your images.

📌 Filter 06: Beautifies golden reflections and deep shadows, from the golden age of analog movies.

📌 Filter 07: It stands out in fashion, lifestyle and photography of objects. Subtle pink, yellow and purple tones evoke the best memories of summer.

📌 Filter 08 and 11: They have an instant attraction for the film with cold and discolored tones. At the same time they offer attractive blue tones and for a variety of situations.

📌 Filter 09: Emphasizing the beauty of stillness, Filtro09presents silent moments, contemplative settings, portraits and architecture.

📌 Filter 10: Look like disposable camera photos, just like the year 1998 with a warm, nostalgia-inducing look.

📌 Filter 12: This filter is well-suited for scenes of still-life, portraits, and urban settings, expanding your image's natural tonal range while simultaneously generating beautiful and gently muted looks

➕➕➕ Additional tools:
- Levels
- Contrast
- Saturation
- Defocus / Focus
- White balance
- Temperature
- Lights
- Shadows

📷 Use the hashtag #VintageEdition for your social networks.

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Uploaded by: Esther Tan

En Son Sürüm: 1.0Güncelleme Analog Palette - Vintage Edition İste

Available on: Analog Palette - Vintage Edition Google Play'den İndirin

Gereksinimler: Android 4.0.3+

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