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懷念台語老歌 閩南語歌

1.3 for Android


懷念台語老歌 閩南語歌 Açıklaması


This is NOT an official app from the various media services, and this is only an unofficial
3rd-party client that complies with their 3rd party API terms of service.
This app is NOT an affiliated nor related product of those services. Per their API developer terms:
- "You do not need special approval to use YouTube APIs or to promote API functionality
in your application" provided that the guidelines are followed.


1.此款App是符合 YouTube API 服務條款的第三方播放器

2.所有影片都是透過官方提供的 API 嵌入式播放器進行播放

3.YouTube 以 Content ID 系統維護著作權人的權益

4.若有未經合法授權的影片被上傳,權利人可以向 YouTube 提交版權下架通知


All videos are provided by the public third-party media service YouTube. All trademarks and
copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the
Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA).

Since the app simply links to content on their service via their 3rd Party Developer API,
the app does not have any direct control of their content. If there are any content that may
infringe upon anyone's copyrights, the following link can be used to report the content:

本軟體遵守Youtube API使用規範 :

懷念台語老歌 閩南語歌 1.3 Güncelleme

1. upgrade sdk to version 28
2. 歌曲更新
3. bug fix

Additional Information

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Gereksinimler: Android 4.0+

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