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Aug 25, 2020

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New real truck simulator! Transport cargo and become the best trucker!

This is one of the best truck simulator 2019! You’ll drive big lorries in 3 countries, explore amazing locations, take missions, transport cargo using car transporter truck, tanker or semi-trailer and upgrade car. 3D Track Simulator includes a lot of cool lorries to choose. Enjoy free driving, good roads, narrow streets and offroad. Become a professional driver. Free to play without internet.

🚚 Many Euro and American Lorries

There are the best lorries in this new driving simulator: Euro and American trucks, LKW, semi-truck, cargo truck. Driving can be difficult, will you be able to finish all the jobs?

📦 Missions

There are a lot of interesting missions in "название игры". You will travel across highways, take missions and transport cargo. Complete your mission and upgrade your track! Become the King of the Road!

🚛 Trailers and Cargo

Transport cargo using trailers: car transporter truck, tanker with toxic waste, log truck, refrigerated trailer with perishable product, flatbed trailer with bricks and metal pipes, oversized trailer with helicopter, flammable tanker, semi-trailer with apples, corn, fish, milk tanker and others.

🌟 Upgrade

Cool tuning in this 3D driving simulator: change the color of your lorry, upgrade wheels, add the most powerful chassis and the best bullbar! Upgrade your lorry!

🌏 Three countries

Explore the map and hit the road! There are three countries to travel. You can drive, transport cargo and take missions in each country. Try to deliver cargo safely!

📊 City Reputation Ranking

Improve city reputation and open new lorries and upgrades! The higher your reputation is, the better your car becomes! Real euro and american trucks are waiting for you!

🚧 Roads and highways, offroad driving and dirt driving

You can drive not only on roads and highways, there is also dirt driving and offroad driving. Test your lorry!

🌙 Realistic sun system (morning, day, evening, night)

You will drive your lorry at any time: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and even at night! There is also realistic weather: rainy, foggy, cloudy and sunny weather. Try to drive at night in the rain!

👀 First Person Driving

Drink hot coffee in the cab of your lorry and take the wheel! Now you are ready to deliver cargo! Doesn't matter rain or wind, the hurricane can't reach you here in the cab of your lorry. Enjoy driving and become the King of the Road in this new truck simulator!

🤘 Cool 3D game

This track simulator is the best 3D driving simulator ever! Beautiful places, modern houses and parkings, trailers, highways and offroad. This new 3D track simulator is waiting for you!

💡 Realistic Headlights

It doesn't matter what you choose - american track or euro track, there is the most realistic light of headlights you've ever seen!

Cool lorries, tuning, transport cargo, city reputation ranking, missions, free driving, highways and offroad, realistic sun system and weather, first person driving are waiting for you! Play the new cool real driving simulator 3d free without internet.

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Last updated on Aug 25, 2020

Bug fixes
Reduced game file size


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Mauri Verdiguez

ต้องใช้ Android

Android 5.0+


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