Backrooms: Survival anomaly ไอคอน

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1.6.5 by IndieFist Horror Games

Jun 5, 2024

เกี่ยวกับ Backrooms: Survival anomaly

You dont know where you are, but you will know what fear is.

It's time to explore. The mystery must be solved.

You made it out of that nightmare world, so you've been hired to explore this new dimension!

You have entered Async Corp, new sinister maze have been discovered.

Will you descend into the horror of this infinite labyrinthine construction?

The Async Corp has found a portal that will allow you to quickly access previously explored back rooms, you won't need to go all the way through each game.

Avoid being a hero and hide from unknown entities and enemies.

Some objects can help you in this nightmare.

Main features:

.- Access system to known levels with a dimensional portal.

.- Tools that will allow you to explore the map.

.- Accessories to equip yourself and run faster!

.- Different and new back rooms in each update.

.- High quality graphics

Our creepy nightmarish indie studio is based on a strange internet story with the name "The Backrooms".

We advise you to play with headphones and in a dark room, as you know, the best environment for a horror game ;)

As you know, at IndieFist we like your comments and suggestions, you can write a review and claim a new maze in our new free game!

Remember that we are constantly updating this free escape room, so you will find a new map in every update and you can also check new features and skills to complete faster each map, your progress will be saved!

Discover new backroom levels in every update.

If you want to add a special backroom to our game you can write to us at

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Last updated on Jun 5, 2024

Fixed minor bug
Updated Library ads


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ส่งคำขออัปเดต Backrooms: Survival anomaly 1.6.5


Kwang Sun

ต้องใช้ Android

Android 5.1+

Available on

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