Space Hunter 3 is an online co-op multiplayer shooter


About Space Hunter 3

YinHan Games announced that the latest work of their mobile game series Space Hunter will officially be launched on June 29th. After nine years, this classic Chinese anime fighting game with a new engine and technics will once again meet with players.

Space Hunter 3 tells the story of a future world in which the space-time distortion generated by unstable outer space brings a new energy source to humans. This energy has brought great improvement to human technologies, but also a dangerous virus that turns humans, animals, and machines into monsters. In the game, players need to play as army commanders, leading their soldiers to use new technology to fight the virus and eventually rebuild their homes. The game has more than ten playable characters, each with its special abilities and fighting styles. The game also supports trading between players and will organize regular PVP matches.

Official Pre-Register Page:

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