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1.2.0 by ChillyRoom

Apr 28, 2024

About Soul Knight Prequel


Pixel-Based ARPG Adventure

Soul Knight Prequel transports players to a vibrant pixel-art world brimming with action and epic adventures.

As a prelude to the beloved Soul Knight, this action RPG immerses you in a tale of valor and camaraderie, featuring adorable chibi characters.

Prepare to dive into the rich lore and embark on numerous quests as you aid heroes in forging a knighthood, wielding an arsenal of weapons and spells to thwart evil forces and save the kingdom of Mystraea from a dark fate.

【Iconic Classes with Distinct Abilities】

Embrace diversity with various starting classes each boasting unique skills. Sneak and strike with the stealthy Thief, unleash precise shots as the Archer, or harness the elemental power of nature as the Witch. The game offers an accessible learning curve paired with relentless action right from the start, ensuring every player can find their niche and play style.

【Personalized Hybrid Playstyles】

Evolution is at your fingertips with the Hybrid Class system that unlocks as you progress. With 12 Hybrid Classes and over 130 Hybrid Skills, players have the liberty to craft and tailor every aspect of their attack methods, adding a personal touch to the chaos of battle.

【Expansive Gear Customization】

Gear up with over 900 pieces of equipment to enhance your character's abilities. Prepare to indulge in loot farming as you obliterate hordes of enemies and expand your arsenal to an impressive scale, all while watching your inventory burgeon with every victorious encounter.

【Multiplayer Mayhem & Seasonal Fun】

Never face the darkness alone with options for both LAN and online multiplayer. Whether up close or from afar, join forces with friends to navigate treacherous dungeons and achieve glory together. With regular updates and season-based modes, new challenges and content await to keep the thrills coming non-stop.

【Tranquil Village Life】

Amidst the chaos, find solace in your very own village. Take some time away from the battlefield to enjoy a cozy interlude. Customize your style, tend to a lovingly kept garden, or simply bask in the peaceful atmosphere before you venture forth on your next grand quest.

Soul Knight Prequel invites players to explore a lighthearted and whimsical dungeon-crawling RPG experience filled with endless action and adventure.

Join the fray and download it today!

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What's New in the Latest Version 1.2.0

Last updated on Apr 28, 2024


Journey Back to Esoteria
*3 dungeon areas
*100+ new gear pieces
New Difficulty: Extreme
*Battle fiercer enemies as you loot S-tier gear drops.
New Class
*Purchase the Gold Order Medallion to unlock Voidfarer.
Cybermod Gear
*Chip your cybermodded gear for improved weapon stats.
Final Showdown
*Go up against the super boss Alien Mothership alone or with your gang to get exclusive chips and gear! The release of this gameplay is set later during Season 02.

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Additional Game Information

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Request Soul Knight Prequel Update 1.2.0

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عبدالمطلب عباس طلبك

Requires Android

Android 6.0+

Available on

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Soul Knight Prequel Articles

Soul Knight Prequel FAQ

When will Soul Knight Prequel be released?

Release dates for games can vary, and they are often announced by the developers. You would need to check the latest announcements from ChillyRoom (developers of Soul Knight) for updated information.

What platforms will Soul Knight Prequel be available on?

If it follows the original game, it could be available on platforms like iOS and Android, and possibly on PC if the developers decide to expand availability.

Will the gameplay in Soul Knight Prequel be similar to Soul Knight?

The gameplay would retain core mechanics to maintain familiarity but could introduce new features or story elements unique to the prequel.

Can I transfer my progress from Soul Knight to Soul Knight Prequel?

Typically, prequels are separate entities, so direct progress transfer might not be possible. However, there might be some bonuses or easter eggs for players of the original game.

Will there be new characters and weapons in Soul Knight Prequel?

Developers often introduce new characters and weapons in new games or expansions to provide a fresh experience.

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