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Periodic Table of Elements - Modern PTE иконка

Periodic Table of Elements - Modern PTE

2.1.0 for Android

Daluz Software

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Updated and complete periodic table of elements for your smartphone or tablet. Ideal for your studies and consultations. The app has chemistry formula calculators and games to facilitate your learning. Get multiple features in one App.


★ Periodic table of elements informative and complete;
★ List with all elements of the periodic table (including the new elements: Nh, Mc, Ts and Og);
★ Quick search of elements by: name, symbol and atomic number (Z);
★ General information and description of elements:
-> Atomic characteristics;
-> Physical and chemical properties;
-> Thermal properties;
-> Atomic structure;
-> Electromagnetic properties;
-> Reactivity;
-> Discoverers of chemical elements;
-> Importance of chemical elements.
★ Isotopes of elements and their information;
★ Fun games for you to learn more and test your knowledge;
★ Chemistry formula calculator:
-> Conversion between thermal scales (°C, °F, K, °R, °Ré);
-> Density (d = m / V);
-> Molar mass (M = m / n);
-> Law of ideal gases (P*V = n*R*T);
-> Combined gas law (P*V / T = k);
-> Boyle–Mariotte law(P*V = k);
-> Charles law (V / T = k);
-> Gay-Lussac law (P / T = k);
-> Avogadro law (V / n = k);
-> Sensitive heat (Q = m*c*(T2 - T1));
-> Latent heat (Q = m*L);
-> Mass concentration (C = m1 / V).
★ Main laboratory glassware with explanations;
★ The main danger symbols;
★ Nuclear decay processes: alpha, beta-minus, beta-plus, electron capture, neutron emission, proton emission, gamma ray emission, spontaneous fission, cluster decay, isomeric transition and internal conversion.
★ Pauling diagram;
★ Main subatomic particles;
★ Most used scientific constants in chemistry and physics;
★ Available offline (no connection).
★ News and improvements in upcoming updates.

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Periodic Table of Elements - Modern PTE 2.1.0 Обновить

# V2.1.0

- Improvements;
- Updates;
- Corrections;
- Technical repairs.

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