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Lens Launcher - это уникальный и отличный способ просмотра ваших приложений.

○ Install the Launcher app to give your mobile an upgrade, create a better everyday phone experience for yourself!

Touch Launcher app features:-

○ An equispaced grid that displays all of your apps, regardless of screen size or app count.

○ A graphical fisheye Lens to quickly zoom, pan & launch apps using touch gestures.

○ Fast, smooth & simple, Smoother than system launcher while occupying 40% less RAM.

○ Touch Launcher also provides user friendly interface, minimal battery consumption, speedy phone searches, etc,.

○ Touch Launcher also includes a full Settings menu to get all aspects of the Touch like, Distortion, Scaling, Icon Size, Haptic Feedback, etc.

○ Touch Launcher is a unique & different way to browse & launch your apps.

○ So just download this Touch Launcher & experience something new, don't forgate to give rating if you like it.

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Что нового в последней версии 2.0

Last updated on 05/08/2020

This Application include add new permission and Update User Interface.
Latest version code 3 may need to accept the android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION and android.permission.BLUETOOTH permissions.
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Blnd Akre

Требуемая версия Android

Android 4.3+

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