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Компактная технологическая энциклопедия в вашем кармане бесплатно.

Hackers Choice is a realtime information rich technology app. In the new age of technology, Devices, services, apps etc. are upgrading day by day. Some of the them may misuse your data. So here we are to tell you what you should do or not.

At Hackers Choice we have expert technology expert and editor to provide you the selective topics content. For which you was searching for a long time.

Our expert release new article every hour about new tech or news. Don't worry you will not miss any thing, Our intelligent server automatically send a push notification so you will not worry about checking app every time.

We also care about your health so we have added the Day/Night Theme. It automatically change its theme according to time.

Hackers Choice app is very easy to use and accessible, even an teen age child can easily navigate through it.

Unleash the power of information with a great powel tool Hackers Choice app. Grow your hacking and programming skills. This is the only way you can protect your self.

We are here to show you the real power of technology by providing the best in detail information about devices and tech. We hope you will like yourself in future with great knowledge of technology.

In Hackers Choice app you will get detailed information about:-

►> Computer Programming

►> Android Tricks

►> Bash Scripting Tutorial

►> Networking Tutorials

►> Development Tutorials

►> PC tricks

►> Operating System

►> Software Tutorials

►> Kali linux tutorial

►> Commands tutorial

►> Operating system

►> Software information

►> Hackers info

►> Commands

►> Download Tools from the app(PC software, Operating systems, Mac software)

# Features:-

►> Stunning user inteface

►> Feeds related tech news

►> Instant Notification

►> Provides chatting feature with active users and admin

►> Download cyber security tools from app

►> Category wise article to find easily.

And many thing related IT



'Hackers Choice' is an app related to ethical hacking, programming and other tutorials and not an app that promotes Hacking / Cracking / Software policy.The 'Developer and Hackers Choice app' will not be responsible for any criminal charges be brought against any individuals for misusing the information in this app and breaking the law.

This app doesn't ask for any permission from your device, so any illegal activity like spying cannot be perform. It means you are completely safe by using this app.

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Last updated on 17/06/2019

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