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Bliq Ride

2.7.44 for Android


Описание для Bliq Ride

Tired of switching between ridesharing apps? Do you lose trips after forgetting to switch other apps offline while being on a call in another app? Are you trying to improve your productivity and earn more money? Bliq Ride will help your driving experience.

Bliq Ride allows you to receive all your jobs in one app.
Bliq Ride is currently available for Free Now and Bolt with Uber and Ola coming soon!

Catch 4 in 5 FreeNow requests.

Get more trips on FreeNow thanks to our auto-accept feature that catches 4 in 5 FreeNow requests, on average. A regular driver is only usually able to accept 2 in 5 requests.

Increase your productivity and peace of mind.

There is no need to touch your smartphone screen many times while complete trips - Bliq Ride will do the most part of this job.
- As soon as you accept a request on Bliq for one app, the other one switches to offline. When you're available again, your apps return to available, so you can see more requests.
- Are you afraid of missing a trip while driving? Bliq Ride will accept it automatically.

Get started with Bliq Ride.

1. Download Bliq Ride app and login with your phone number or your email;
2. Let Bliq app get the access to your smartphone functions and location;
3. Create your MULTI account and start your Free Trial;
4. Add ridesharing apps (Free Now and Bolt with Uber and Ola coming soon) and go online;
5. You can enable auto-accept or manually take trips;
6. Make your first 10 trips and win your 1st week reward.
7. Once you complete a trip, Bliq will switch other apps online.

You can start a free trial right now to test all Bliq Ride MULTI features!

What else?
Passenger Hotspots and Surge Pricing Bliq Ride shows you areas with many passengers and surge pricing.

City Chat You are not alone out there! Connect with the drivers in your area on the best hotspots – or just to meet up for a coffee. Entry is only permitted for approved drivers.

Fare Checker Your company didn’t pay what you earned? Check, if your earnings are correct by using the Fare Checker inside Bliq Ride and start claiming your money back.

Avoid areas with too many drivers Be smart and don’t drive where everybody else is already looking for Pax. With Bliq Ride you can see where other drivers are to avoid those areas.

Traffic alerts Let others drivers know about traffic jams, police controls and road works and get notifications while driving.

Bliq Ride 2.7.44 Обновить

New! Bliq Ride MULTI. All your jobs from Uber, Bolt, Ola, FreeNow in Bliq Ride! Only one app for everything. No need to bother with driver apps from each platform while driving. Receive jobs faster, make your life easier & simply earn more!

Additional Information

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Uploaded by: Emiliano Gollo

Последняя версия: 2.7.44Запросить Bliq Ride обновление

Available on: Скачать Bliq Ride с Google Play

Требования: Android 7.0+

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