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BallisticsARC by GeoBallistics, LLC

-All modes available for 1 custom rifle
-Free integration of WeatherFlow products

-Unlimited Custom Rifle Profiles
-Save and Export Range Cards
-Opt out of Ads
-Kestrel LiNK Compatibility


In order to add additional rifle profiles or save/export range cards, you must purchase the Pro version. You can manipulate the free custom rifle to become any caliber you like as often as you'd like, BUT if you want to perform the tasks stated above, you must purchase the Pro version. It's that simple.


Chart Mode creates a traditional style data chart from point A to point B. Like all modes, it is immediately responsive to weather updates and other changes.

Map Mode utilizes Google Maps to build range cards, and it range targets with GPS coordinates. This program offers the user the ability to plan on or off-site range cards with immediate ballistic solutions. In addition, the user is able to save and load these range cards for use at their convenience. This mode overlays crucial external ballistic data on satellite imaging in order to display a bullet's performance along it's path. It is our hope that the concept of GeoBallistics will present an effective way to educate shooters on external ballistics as well as promote ethical and accurate shooting.

Comp Mode is similar to Chart Mode, but users are allowed to enter a course of fire with varying azimuths and ranges to produce a list of line-item solutions. This is perfect for precision rifle comps or long 3-gun rifle stages.

Thank you for your support and please reach out to us if you have an issue. We are very responsive and eager to fix any issues that arise. Hiding behind poor reviews doesn't serve anyone.

BallisticsARC 5.2 Обновить

• Add support for DRS E-Dope card
• Update libraries and add full 64-bit support
• Solution units selection located in the rifle profile
• Notes section added to rifle profile
• Range card sharing via download, text, and email
• Automatic data sharing across all user's devices
• Complete organization for range cards
• Mode selection menu
• Simpler range card saving workflow

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Категория: Бесплатно Спорт Приложение

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Uploaded by: Minh Xấu Trai

Последняя версия: 5.2Запросить BallisticsARC обновление

Available on: Скачать BallisticsARC с Google Play

Требования: Android 4.1+

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