Ice Scream 5 Review: Save Your Friends with Brainstorms

A classic horrible game you must experience.

By Jade Bayley


As an advanced episode of the Ice Cream series, Ice Scream 5 Friends: Mike's Adventures offers players more interesting plots that are based on the last season. Published by Keplerians Horror Games, the first version of Ice Scream series was released in 2019. Thus, we can see how hot and popular the series is according to its fast speed of update.

Whether you are a noob or an expert in all horrible games, we will give a detailed intro to you first to help you understand the whole plot and gameplay quickly.

Ice Scream 5 Friends: Mike APK

Ice Scream 5 Friends: Mike

Mike reaches the engine room and joins the mission to escape the factory.


Download (173.9 MB)


    What's the End of Ice Scream 4

    Speaking of Ice Scream 4, it ends at the moment that Rod came and showed up at the last minute, and now you and your friends are lost in the factory separately. Your main goal is to save them and escape from the factory together, leaving and defeating Rod. Switching characters between Mike and J is your last chance to live.

    How to Play

    There are no big changes in Ice Scream 5 based on a similar plot. So you do not need to worry even if you are a noob.

    In the beginning, compared to other horror games, Ice Scream 5 has quite clear user interfaces and great FPS, which may greatly intensify players' game experience to some extent. On your left hand of the screen is a line of social platforms where you can invent your friends and share your current progress with other players.

    There are only three buttons left. The first one is Settings. Players can set sound volume, music volume, camera sensitivity, and many more functions. By the way, a total of 8 languages are provided including English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, German, and more. The second one is Hints which includes two parts, Puzzles, and Items. Puzzles show the essential places you must find in the game, and Items are things you need when you arrive at the appointed places. Then, you can tap PLAY to start your game.

    Game Modes

    There are four levels you can choose, Ghost, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Actually, many big differences between these four levels. For example, in the Normal, your enemies can see and hear you and fast move. While in the Ghost mode, those enemies can not see you, so you can concentrate on puzzles. However, because of low difficulty, there are many ads that will appear abruptly. Thus, we recommend players wonder around the game and try to find hints. In the Easy mode, enemies can see you but they move very slowly. You can totally escape from them. And in this mode, ads will be fewer!

    Other than modes, players can also find hints and items by watching ads if they have no way to do it.

    Some Tips Players Need to Know

    As we said before, in the Ice Scream 5, you can swap Mike for J. How to switch? It's easy. Find the control room and call the other(shown in the pic).

    Besides, Mike and J have different tasks to complete. By tapping Items, you will know what you need to find.

    The most important is players can not collect tools you find together. You can take one item every time. Remembering locations where items are placed is a good way to complete the game faster.


    From my perspective, Ice Scream 5 is more like a puzzle game, not a horrible one, and those ghosts in the game are not so scary. Furthermore, if you have no idea about finding key items, you can search for some tutorials on Youtube or other platforms. Many experts are willing to share their game videos on their homepages.


    Clearer interfaces

    Not easy to pass all levels


    Too many ads in the Ghost mode

    Removing ads needs HK$19.90

    Ice Scream 5 Friends: Mike APK

    Ice Scream 5 Friends: Mike

    Mike reaches the engine room and joins the mission to escape the factory.


    Download (173.9 MB)

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