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Tide Now USA West - Tides, Sun and Moon Times

3 for Android

Lawrence Freytag

Opis Tide Now USA West - Tides, Sun and Moon Times

Tide Now USA West is a tide calculator for the western US (Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii).
It displays a tide graph, daily tide table, present tide status, and daylight/sun/moon timing.

Off Line Operation- app does not use the internet, it works by calculation, results are immediate.

There are no ads and app cannot access phone features. It requests no permissions and cannot pry into your phone's contents.

User Options

Controls for the user are provided by three action bar icons, four swipe gestures, and numerous commands in the menu. The action bar controls are Set Location, Set Date, and Refresh. The four gestures include swipe down(access favorites list), swipe up (change the current state), swipe left to show tomorrow's tides, and swipe right to show previous day's tides. The settings controls are Add Station to Favorites, GMap Station (internet), Change Color Scheme, Sun and Moon Info, Mark Height, Grid Control, and About Gestures.

Phone or Tablet

The app works on any Android device at level 3.0.3 or above, most phones and tablets are supported. Depending on the nature of your android device, the landscape or portrait mode display may present a more useful size.

Accurate Predictions

This app was written using well-known tidal prediction algorithms and publicly available location data. It can be expected to match very closely to federally-published tide tables. It uses the "Harmonic Prediction of Tides" methodology in long use for tide elevation predictions.

Designed for On The Spot Use

The tidal status presentation gives an immediate snapshot of the tide situation, more useful than just a standard list of highs and lows. The display can be refreshed at any time to update this status. This app is designed for use while actively out and about along the waterfront. It uses large text and the bright color scheme is easily read in the bright sun.

200 Year Calendar

In addition to today's tides, a date picker is available to choose any date from 1901 to 2100. The app does not have to be refreshed on the new year.

Next Day, Prior Day Swipes

Gestures are supported to go to "next day" and "past day" to step day by day through a range of dates. These operate like turning the page of a book. You can quickly swipe through a range of dates to look for good clam digging days.


The selected station can be added to a set of eight favorites. These can be accessed by a down-swipe. Shortcuts cover all states available for this multi-state app.

Selectable Color Schemes

There six display settings, bright, dark, auto day/night, and three others.

Adjustable Display Contents. You can show just the plain graph, or a graph with daylight hours brightened, or a graph with a full sun and moon time display. You can turn the grid on and off as you wish. You can mark a height on the graph with your chosen value and the app will show what time those heights are crossed.

Tide Station Selection. At any time a given state is available for navigation through the location button. You choose a region, then a station. You select another state by swiping upwards and choosing one. Saved shortcuts allow direct jumps to any station in any state covered by the app.

A list of regions and stations for each state can be found at

This website also contains tips and tricks, and illustrated steps for various task.

Tide Now USA West - Tides, Sun and Moon Times 3 Update

Version 3 December 3, 2018
Updated for Android 9 (Pie)
Map Zoom now has 5 choices
App now supports 5 states, broken into 48 regions, including 452 tide stations.

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