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The Earth by Tinybop

1.1.5 for Android

Tinybop Inc.

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In The Earth, dig into our planet and the geological forces that shape it. Trigger earthquakes! Make volcanos erupt! Investigate plate tectonics, weathering, erosion, and deposition. Travel across time to see how our home has changed over eons, pre-Pangea to the present.

The Earth is an interactive model that lets kids study and observe the geological forces that change the planet—above and below the surface, in a matter of minutes and over millions of years.

The Earth is No. 5 in Tinybop’s Explorer’s Library. The Explorer’s Library is an award-winning educational series designed to teach kids ages 4+ foundational science literacy. Each app is an interactive model that lets kids explore the invisible and awesome wonders of the world.

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+ Wander through an endless landscape, from deserts to mountains, oceans to glaciers.
+ Investigate how each landform was created.
+ See the Earth transform over time, from a sphere of boiling rock to the continents we live on today.
+ Dig under the surface and observe the Earth’s layers from the crust to core.
+ Weather, erode, and deposit rocks and sediment. Shape the land with your fingertips!
+ Make a river meander. Make a glacier recede and advance. Create sand dunes, sea stacks, and beaches. Trigger a rockslide!
+ Discover mysteries like frost wedging, stalactites and stalagmites, and hotspots.
+ Experiment with four different types of volcanoes.
+ Learn new vocabulary in 40+ languages with interactive labels in close-up scenes.
+ Sophisticated sound design rewards experimentation.
+ Original artwork by Sarah Jacoby.
+ Intuitive, safe, and kid-friendly design.
+ Entertaining for kids and adults alike.

Our expert-reviewed handbook is full of facts, interaction hints, and discussion questions to support learning in this app, in the classroom or at home. Download in your app or at: http://tinybop.com/handbooks.

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When the camera, microphone, and other services are used within an app, your information is neither collected nor distributed outside of the app.

Read our complete privacy policy at tinybop.com.

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The Earth by Tinybop 1.1.5 Update

Get a 7-day free trial! To play this app (and more Tinybop apps), you must install the Tinybop Explorer's Pass.

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