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Free Addictive Classic Puzzle Game

4.2.1 for Android

DotFinger Games

Opis Sudoku

- Sudoku for everyone from beginner or have experience with the puzzle game. This is the game addictive and challenging possibilities for forging your intelligence are the most popular worldwide.
- You can play Sudoku everywhere. It's easier and more fun to play with a real pencil and paper, take them everywhere.
Tired, stress? Forget it, start excited, train brain Sudoku classic game, especially multifunctional new and millions of variants of Sudoku puzzle you have been given free of charge every day.
- Each puzzle has only a single answer and you are finding out how it. You can choose any level from very easy to hard sudoku with millions of free puzzles to to brain training, thinking and memory logic.
- In particular, with our soduku game, will bring you new gameplay compared to the classic style. With many special grid types & extra regions, we are sure that you will find a lot of fun with the number.
How to play:
★ Sudoku is still based on the classic gameplay, objectives set the digits from 1 to 9 into the memory to each digit is unique on each row, each column and each small grid.
★ Let's start from the very easy to level skills and continue training to conquer the next puzzle.
★ Sudoku game that brings many features to assist you solve the puzzle easier. You can get help if this challenge too difficult. Automatic error checking feature and highlight the duplicate cells helps you a lot in the process, try to take advantage of it. Don't forget to pencil in if you're not sure.
★ There are 6 levels of difficulty from very easy to hard sudoku for all ages, experienced or beginners become familiar with Sudoku.
★ There are many new Sudoku type, and you've never seen classic games like X - Soduku or Color - Soduku to brings plenty of interesting and challenging for you.
★ Pencil mark the box number if not sure.
★ Unlimited number of undo & redo.
★ Trash removal all mistakes.
★ Having difficulties? Don't forget the hint button!
★ Automatically checks errors (you can enable or disable this feature in Settings).
★ Are you busy? Save automatically on every step, continue to back playing whenever free!
★ Sudoku game can be played offline & does not require a network connection.
★ Game size is very small, not caused by heat battery devices.
★ Clear, simple design.
★ Supported on multiple Mobile devices and Tablet.
★ Thousands of Soduku puzzles are updated daily.

Download and try this great Sudoku classic app. Please feel free to leave a comment below and don't forget to contact us if you encounter any problems with the sodoku game.

Thank you for downloading and using the Sodoku game. Share it with your friends to play and the brain training anytime, anywhere with Sudoku.

Sudoku 4.2.1 Update

- Fixed crash on some devices

Additional Information

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Ostatnia Wersja: 4.2.1Dostępne Sudoku aktualizacje

Zdobądź to: Pobierz Sudoku z Google Play

Wymagania: Android 4.0+

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