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Sudoku Block Puzzle Games- Blockudoku

3.7 for Android

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Opis Sudoblocku APLIKACJA

Free Sudoku Block Puzzle Games Blockudoku like Game.

A Mash up of Block Puzzle and Sudoku, Free offline board games with the Woody Block Puzzle theme. This is a Classic Block meets Sudoku Table Try this Addictive Sudoku Block Puzzle Games.
Sudoblocku is an impressive combination of sudoku and block puzzle games. So simple to play yet challenging this Free Block Puzzle you will not be able to put down!

How to play Sudoblocku

Like Blockudoku we are a simple yet addictive block puzzle game however instead of the famous 1010 grid our grid is a sudoku table, making this a sudoku block puzzle games. The game is simple simply match blocks to complete lines and cubes to get them removed. Keep the board clean and beat your high score in this Cube Block Puzzle Game.

Sudoblocku- Cube Puzzle Game Features

✔ 9X9 Block Puzzle Board. Merge cube blocks on the 9x9 grid which is familiar to all sudoku block puzzle games fans.
✔ Strategize your moves, Blocks of various shapes will be given to you. Smartly stack sudoku blocks consisting of cubes on the board to destroy and keep the board clean.
✔ Color themes. Choose between our minimalistic theme or the classic wooden block puzzle theme. The wooden theme is familiar to all woody 99 fans.
✔ Challenge yourself, never stop testing your IQ challenge yourself in a block puzzle game. How you ask? The challenge is simple, beat your highscore in this sudoku block puzzle games.
✔ Like Blockudoku this was created to be a successful mixture of sudoku and iq block puzzles, while offering different features.

Key differences from the Blockudoku app

When comparing ourselves to Blockudoku we give the user three key differences. Sudoblocku Block Puzzle key difference of Blockudoku is the famous rotate feature. This feature allows you to get out of a jam. Therefore, unlike Blockudoku we give want our user to use even more strategy in this cube block puzzle game. Also, unlike the Blockudoku app we allow the user to revive themselves. Close to your highscore? No problem watch a video to revive.

How to master Sudoblocku?

No time limit in this Cube Block Puzzle Game, so no rush take your time! Think one step ahead to strategically beat your high score in this Cube Puzzle Game.
Try and merge classic and woody sudoku blocks on the puzzle board to destroy lines or 3x3 squares with every move in order to not fill the board.
The goal of this Zen Block Puzzle Games is balancing between destroying block figures as quickly as possible and getting as many streaks and combos to get a higher score.

Why play this Zen Block Puzzle Games?

Sudoblocku Cube puzzle game was made for people who want to relax and train their brain. This Cube Puzzle game includes combinations of classic 1010 Block puzzle game with sudoku metrics, making it more challenging. Bored? We got you covered a couple of rounds of Sudoblocku- Block Puzzle will be all you need!

If you like Unblock and block games, tetris, sliding puzzles, woody tricks, merge or block hexa puzzles, Blockudoku then Sudoblocku is the perfect option for you. Take a break from the daily grind and enjoy this brain teaser Sudoku Block Puzzle. Relieve daily stress and train your brain with this IQ game of Sudoblocku. We hope you enjoy!

Sudoblocku APLIKACJA 3.7 Update

Added Effect around blocks placed.

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Kategoria: Darmowe Łamigłówki GRA

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Uploaded by: Ye Min Thu

Ostatnia Wersja: 3.7Dostępne Sudoblocku aktualizacje

Available on: Pobierz Sudoblocku z Google Play

Wymagania: Android 4.4W+

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