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1.6.0 for Android

38 Softworks Inc.

Opis 快词-在线英汉词典/汉英词典

* 词组、短语查找。
* 单词发音。
* 相关词、同义词、反义词,以及例句中大多数的词已经链接,轻按一下就能查找该词。
* 浏览器模式的查找历史,可以轻松前进,后退。
* 按时间和字母顺序排列的详细查找历史,便于复习。
* 在外存/SD卡上保存查找历史,以便备份或转移到新手机。需要“修改或删除您的 SD 卡中的内容”权限。

* 在其它应用中选择要查找的单词,然后“分享”给快词查找。
* 在其它应用中“剪切”或“拷贝”单词,然后打开快词,快词将自动查找该单词。
* 在快词中直接输入单词查找。
* 一触式连续查找相关词、同义词、反义词,以及例句中链接的词;或者,
* 选择未链接的词,然后在屏幕顶端的菜单上按“查找”。

Fast, no-frills English-Chinese and Chinese-English online dictionary.
* Supports lookup of English phrases.
* Voice pronunciations.
* Related words, synonyms, antonyms, and most words in the examples are live links. Simply tap on them to look them up.
* Browser-style lookup history lets you go back and forth with ease.
* Full lookup history is available in chronological or alphabetical order for easy review.
* Save lookup history to external storage/SD card for easy backup and migration to new phone. Requires permission to "modify or delete the contents of your SD card".

* Select a word in another app and "Share" to Quictionary for instant look up.
* Cut/copied a word in another app and open Quictionary for automatic look up.
* Open Quictionary and enter a word to look it up.
* Look up linked words in Quictionary with just one tap; or
* Select any word and tap "Look Up" on the action bar on the top of the screen.

Helpful for: ec,ce,dict,ielts,toefl,英文,英语,单词,短语,口语,发音,字典,辞典,海词,词霸,朗文,韦氏,美语,牛津,金山,百度,翻译,互译,学习,大学,雅思,托福,四级,出国,留学,旅游

快词-在线英汉词典/汉英词典 1.6.0 Update

1. 改进语音发音的质量。
2. 加大语音发音按键。

1. Improve voice pronunciation quality.
2. Make voice pronunciation button bigger and easier to tap.

Additional Information

Kategoria: Darmowe Edukacja Aplikacja

Data Publikacji:

Ostatnia Wersja: 1.6.0Dostępne 快词-在线英汉词典/汉英词典 aktualizacje

Zdobądź to: Pobierz 快词-在线英汉词典/汉英词典 z Google Play

Wymagania: Android 3.1+

Raport: Oznacz jako nieodpowiednie

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