AI voice recognition app that turns voice into text

To a world where "Did you say this at that time?"
CLOVA Note uses AI technology to easily convert voice to text.
You can concentrate on conversations more by eliminating the hassle of transcribing from recordings, creating meeting minutes, and creating notes in class.

◆ Recommended at such times
・ Creating notes for lectures and classes
・ Creating minutes of meetings and meetings
・ Interview memo creation
・ Confirmation of seminar contents
・ Self-rehearsal for lectures and presentations
・ Oral recording of memos and ideas

◆ Easy operation to translate voice to text
All you have to do is press the record button on your smartphone or tablet. Voice recognition AI converts the recorded voice into text, so you'll be desperate to take notes and never miss an important conversation. You can convert up to 180 minutes of conversation at a time, so you can use it without worrying about time.
Not only Japanese but also English and Korean can be recognized.

◆ Convenient speaker separation for conversations of 3 or more people
Have you ever been in trouble because the speaker didn't understand "Who said this conversation?" When you took the minutes while listening to the recording of the meeting? In CLOVA Note, AI distinguishes the voice of the speaker and displays "Participant 1" and "Participant 2" separately for each speaker. Of course, you can edit the display of "Participant 1" to the name of the actual participant, such as "Mr. Tanaka".

◆ Multi-device support
It can be used on smartphones, tablets and PCs. If you log in with the same ID, the app and the PC version will be automatically linked, and you can view, edit, and add notes created on your smartphone from the PC version.
You can also upload an already recorded audio file, such as a lecture, and convert it to text.

◆ Discover important points in one shot.
Bookmark it if you think it's important during recording. You can easily find important points from the recorded audio file. In addition, you can use text search to find notes that contain keywords from multiple notes, or you can play voice from the location found by text search.

◆ Full basic functions
As a recording app, it also has noise reduction and playback speed adjustment functions that enable double-speed playback. In addition to the function for editing converted text, you can also download files, so you can edit text and voice with familiar apps and software, and share them using SNS and email.

◆ Request
LINE's AI technology brand "LINE CLOVA" aims to be a human-friendly AI that is close to people, and utilizes high-quality AI technology cultivated through research and development in a wide range of technological fields to realize an excellent user experience. CLOVA Note was developed with the hope that everyone will be able to use AI closer to them.

And CLOVA Note is an application that keeps evolving with users. We would appreciate your cooperation in providing AI learning data. We are also seeking various opinions such as points for improvement and functions to be expanded. Please fill out the feedback form in the app.

* The voice data provided will be used only for the purpose of improving our AI technology and research. In addition, since it is not linked to other customer data such as user ID, voice data that identifies the individual user is not used at all.

◆ Caution
Don't forget the etiquette to ask for the consent of the participants before recording!

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Last updated on Mar 19, 2023

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Mar 7, 2023

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