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The Most Effective Battery Saver

2.0 for Android

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Hibernate: The Most Effective Battery Saver is the smartest, fastest and powerful application to save power and improve battery health of your android devices whether its your smartphone or tablet. Hibernate: The Most Effective Battery Saver gives you all the powerful tools to maximize battery life of your device with improved speed and condition.

Hibernate boost up your device's battery health in a powerful & unique way. Unlike other battery saver and battery charger apps it does not interfere in your daily usage of your smartphone or tablet. Once you had opened Hibernate app and set it up to increase your device's battery life, you can practically forget about it. One of the best thing of Hibernate is that it only works when your phone in sleep mode.

There are multiple tasks continuously process in the background like getting update from social media, downloading and saving newer updates. These type of tasks and apps continuously run to make your smart phone experience really smart and usable. Now all other battery saver, battery charger apps kill these apps and processes to save battery life of your phone, which no longer remain a smart phone without those apps and background processes.

Hibernate comes in handy here, it only works like shutting down the battery draining apps, background processes, setting etc., when you are not using your phone i.e. your phone is in sleep mode. As soon you wake up your phone Hibernate release all those apps, setting and background tasks to perform normally to make your smartphone experience smarter with extended battery life.

💪💪Power Packed Feature of Hibernate: The Most Effective Battery Saver

Application Hibernation Setting
There are many apps in your device which are continuously running in the background and keep draining power. even if you close them they will still keep executing in the background even when the phone is in sleep mode. In Hibernate app, this setting scans all the power consuming apps for you to choose which battery draining app or apps; you want to hibernate or disable. Hibernating these apps means saving lots of battery for prolong use.

CPU Hibernation Lock
CPU is “the brain of android” constantly computing many demanding tasks like updating apps, widgets and checking for software updates. These computing tasks drain lots of battery. This setting locks CPU to its lowest possible frequency ensuring huge battery saving and enhanced performance.

Setting Hibernation Lock
Settings like Bluetooth, WIFI, and Sync use ample amount of battery. Hibernate gives you the power to shut down these setting, which ensure more power in your smartphone.

That not all, Hibernate also prevent your smartphone to get heated and keep your device lagging free so that you can have the experience of using your smartphone in a better and smooth way.

If you have any suggestion, feedback or problem using Hibernate, Battery Optimizer, Battery Life app; you can write down to us via email. We will surely make your Hibernate experience best in every way.

Thanks for downloading Hibernate: The Most Effective Battery Saver. Save and improve battery health of your device and enjoy prolonged use of your smartphone or tablet.

Hibernate APLIKACJA 2.0 Update

- Hibernate Battery Draining Apps
- Power Consuming Setting Hibernation
- App Optimization
- CPU Cooler
- Get More Battery Juice

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Kategoria: Darmowe Narzędzia Aplikacja

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Uploaded by: Wildin Jeziel

Ostatnia Wersja: 2.0Dostępne Hibernate aktualizacje

Available on: Pobierz Hibernate z Google Play

Wymagania: Android 4.4+

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