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Epson M-Tracer For Golf

1.3.7 for Android
Seiko Epson Corporation

Opis Epson M-Tracer For Golf

This app has ended support.
It may not work on a new smartphone or new OS.

Epson M-Tracer For Golf is a golf improvement support application for Android users.
This application communicates with the high-precision M-Tracer sensor, developed by Epson, and provides accurate, high-speed golf swing measurements.
This allows you to analyze your golf swing using technology based on the latest sports science.
An effective improvement system will help you to improve your golf swing.
*You can purchase the M-Tracer sensor at your local golf stores.

◆ Main Features

[Golf Swing Measurement]
The new, high-precision sensor attached to the club's grip allows for precise golf swing measurements. Data is immediately sent to your Android device via Bluetooth.
- Golf swings can be measured continuously and all of the swing data is saved automatically.
[Golf Swing Analysis]
- Swing analysis: Check your golf swing motion. The V zone view shows you the motion of your swing.
- Impact analysis: Analyze in detail the face angle at the point of impact and the incidence angle (horizontal and vertical) for a clear understanding of your swing.
- Speed analysis: Get to know the reduction ratio (natural uncock) of your swing and step up your game.
- Shaft rotation analysis: Spot variations in your swing shaft rotation that are not picked up by a camera.
- Tempo analysis: Get to know your swing tempo and achieve a stable swing.
- Check your progress by comparing new data with previous swings.
- You can compare your swing data with a professional golfer's 3D swing arc, impact zone metrics and more.
Compare your measurements to pre-registered swing data from a professional golfer.
- Select registered swing data by tapping the player's name on the Library or Select Comparison screen.
[Account Management]
- Create your own Epson M-Tracer For Golf account.
- Create a new account when using M-Tracer for the first time.
- Save your swing data to the cloud.
- Receive access to a variety of improvement support services that are being developed for future release.

◆ Supported sensors

MT500G, MT500GII and MT500GP

◆ Notes on swing data

- You can save swing data for up to 300 swings on your Android device, and up to 2,000 swings in the cloud.
- Note that the size of the data may increase when uploading swing data to the cloud.
* We recommend uploading using a wireless connection.
- If you exceed 300 swing data entries on your device, the oldest data is deleted to make room for the newest data. We recommend organizing your swing data.
- If you exceed 2000 swing data entries in the cloud, the oldest data entry is deleted to make room for the newest data.

◆ Others

"Emails sent to the developer" will be used for future service improvements. Please note that we cannot reply to these individually.

Epson M-Tracer For Golf 1.3.7 Update

- Various bug fixes

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