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Dinosaurs: Encyclopedia.Description,Photo,Offline

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Dinosaurs: Encyclopedia. Description, Photo, Offline
From slow, plant-eating giants to fierce scavengers and hunters, dinosaurs once dominated the land. Search in our app Dinosaurs: Encyclopedia, or explore dinosaurs by when and where they lived or what type they are.
Uncover what dinosaurs have been found in your country and how big they were. Learn the meaning of dinosaur names and how to say them. Browse your favourite dinosaurs or start with our top five.

Top 5 dinosaurs
1. Triceratops
Triceratops was a plant-eater with specialised teeth for cutting and slicing and a huge stomach for digesting tough plant matter. It would have used its horns for defending itself from predators like Tyrannosaurus.

2. Stegosaurus
This slow-moving plant-eater used spikes on its tail to fend off would-be predators. The jury is still out on what the spiny plates on its back were used for.

3. Tyrannosaurus
An infamous meat-eating predator. Look at the evidence as to whether Tyrannosaurus hunted in packs or alone.

4. Diplodocus
The Museum's cast of a Diplodocus skeleton is on a tour around the UK. What did this giant look like and how did it hold its enormous neck?

5. Coelophysis
This small meat-eater was one of the earliest dinosaurs. It was fast and agile and would have fed on animals like small reptiles and insects.

• The dictionary works offline - you do not need an internet connection. Access to articles (descriptions) offline, without an Internet connection (except for photographs);
• Very quick search for descriptions. Equipped with a quick dynamic search function - the dictionary will start searching for words during input;
• Unlimited number of notes (favorites);
• Bookmark - you can add descriptions to your favorites list by clicking on the asterisk icon;
• Manage bookmark lists - you can edit your bookmark lists or clear them;
• Search History;
• Voice search;
• Compatible with modern versions of Android devices;
• Very efficient, fast and good performance;
• An easy way to share with friends;
• The application is very easy to use, fast and with extensive content;
• Automatic free updates every time new terms are added;
• The directory "Dinosaurs: Encyclopedia" is designed to occupy as little memory as possible.

Features Premium:
no ads;
photos, images of access offline;
Clear browsing history.

Dinosaurs: Encyclopedia.Description,Photo,Offline APLIKACJA 1.0.11 Update

- added full-text search;
- bug fixes;
- new articles added.

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