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DanceDreamMV MMD✕VRoid Live Simulator

1.1.4 for Android

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Opis DanceDreamMV MMD✕VRoid Live Simulator APLIKACJA

Combine over 50 dances to create your very own live dance stage!
Combine characters, dance animation, music, stage, background, and effects freely.
The combination patterns are endless.

How to play
Setting button
Purchase and set characters, dance animation, music, stage, background, and effects with coins.
You can set up to 5 characters at the same time, and when you select a Vtuber's character, a Youtube link button will appear. Dance animations can be toggled on and off after purchase, and you can decide whether or not to play the selected dance during random dances. Once you have set the character placement, dance settings, and music, press the play button to start the dance. You can also play without setting the stage, background, and effects. We recommend setting the effects in particular, as they add a great atmosphere. You can change the effect settings to suit your mood as a live producer.

Random Custom Dance Button
You can decide how to play the dance animation for each character.
Random Dance Button
The number of the random button is 1. If you want all the characters to dance the same dance, you can set the same number. If you want all the characters to dance the same dance, set the same number. If you want all the characters to dance differently, set numbers 1 through 5 for each character.
Custom Button Settings
You can set the dances in any order you want from among the dances you have purchased. After registering a dance, you can play it by setting the registered dance set to the character.

Play Button
When you press the play button, cute characters such as Yandere and Vtubers (Miku will not appear) will dance and play music at the same time. When you press the play button, Yandere, Vtuber, and other cute characters will dance and the music will play at the same time.
Camera Work Function 
When you press the play button, the camera work function will automatically turn on, and the camera will move in time with the music to enhance the characters, dances, and effects you have produced. There are three camera functions: Auto, Tap, and 360° mode. In Auto mode, the camera will automatically select a character and show it from various angles. You can also switch the camera by tapping the screen in the Auto mode. In "Tap" mode, the camera does not switch automatically, but only when you tap the screen. In "360°" mode, the camera does not switch, but you can swipe the screen to rotate the camera, pinch in to zoom in, and pinch out to zoom out. While the character is posing on the home screen, the camera is in "360°" mode, so you can watch Vtubers, Yandere, and other characters (Miku will not appear) in idle poses. The camera work switches automatically, so there's no need to make any troublesome settings. Produce the only dance stage you'll ever need.

Points to note
Vocaloid and MMD (MikuMikuDance) characters such as Hatsune Miku, Reimu, Marisa, Alice, and other Touhou characters cannot appear in this game because permission has not been obtained. Please understand this in advance. We will be updating the game with more characters that we have permission for in the future. We are also planning to implement Yandere. →We've finally implemented a Yandere character! We will continue to work on updating and improving the quality of the app so that Miku can appear in it one day.

I recommend it to the following people
People who love Miku.
People who want to enjoy MMD easily.
Those who like to produce.
People who like models
People who like to watch idols like Nogizaka dance with multiple people.
Those who want to see the dance from various angles
Those who want to see the smiling faces of the characters.
People who like to see cute characters pose.
People who like Yandere girls.

Update Information
1/17 Translation improvement
1/24 User interface improvement
2/5 More characters
2/9 Added Vtubers
2/23 Added Vtubers & fixed character behavior
3/11 Add camera work function & add more characters

DanceDreamMV MMD✕VRoid Live Simulator APLIKACJA 1.1.4 Update

Implemented the function to link with VRoid Hub.
Condition: Terminal memory (RAM) 4GB or more

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Additional Information

Kategoria: Darmowe Rozrywka Aplikacja

Data Publikacji:

Uploaded by: Cẩm Nhung

Ostatnia Wersja: 1.1.4Dostępne DanceDreamMV MMD✕VRoid Live Simulator aktualizacje

Available on: Pobierz DanceDreamMV MMD✕VRoid Live Simulator z Google Play

Wymagania: Android 4.4+

Raport: Oznacz jako nieodpowiednie

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