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Crazy Wildling

2.0 for Android


Opis Crazy Wildling

Back to the most authentic Stone Age, experience the most mysterious cave levels, and show your most amazing moves!
"Crazy Wilding" follows the progress of the times and uses 3D high-quality art to present you everything from the Stone Age!

Grab your spear, beat the beast, explore the mysterious tribal totem, you’ll find gods’ lost artifacts on the continent. The legendary beast souls also appeared in front of you!

Classic beasts reappear, mystic totems awakened and upgraded, legendary beast souls waiting for you to explore, and gods’ artifacts appear one after another! Hundreds of skills, hundreds of maps, bonus scenes are waiting for you here! Equip gods’ artifacts, awaken amazing totems, master beast souls, one person with one spear, welcome to the stone continent and the most primitive Savage era!

-Back to Stone Age! Ancient times shows in front of you!
One stone spear multiplies hundreds of skills creates one unique gameplay.

-Multiple totems! Xeon gods’ artifact enhance you fighting!
Explore gods’ artifact and totems one by one. The mysterious totem, and the legendary beast souls will accompany your adventure on the stone continent.

-Flexible moves! Too smooth to stop finger sliding!
Rogue like play mode allows you to be immersive. Each step of your fingertips make you feel in the reality. Hundreds of unknown maps waiting for you to explore.

-Legend Beast Soul! Unlock and master the Legend Beast!
The legendary mythical beast reappear on the continent. Explore the land of seals, conquer the mythical beast to obtain the beast soul, and makes you the strongest savage warrior of the vast continent.

Crazy Wildling 2.0 Update

Fix the case of logging in to your own account

Additional Information

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Ostatnia Wersja: 2.0Dostępne Crazy Wildling aktualizacje

Zdobądź to: Pobierz Crazy Wildling z Google Play

Wymagania: Android 4.2+

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