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Jul 10, 2023

O AP Psychology Practice Test

1100+ AP Psychology practice questions by ABC E-learning

Advanced Placement Psychology, or AP Psychology for short, is a college-level introductory psychology course. The course is part of the College Board's Advanced Placement Program, and students can receive college credit by taking it. The course prepares students to take the AP Psychology exam, which is a comprehensive exam covering material found in a typical college introductory psychology program.

Before taking the test, you should familiarize yourself with the exam's basic structure as well as the topics covered by the examination.

The AP Psychology exam is two hours long.

The exam is divided into two sections: multiple-choice and free response. There are 100 multiple-choice questions and two short-answer questions. Students must complete the multiple-choice section in 70 minutes and the free answer section in 50 minutes.

The multiple-choice section of the exam accounts for two-thirds of the total score, while the free response section accounts for the remaining one-third.

The exam covers content and subject matter that are typically taught in a college-level introductory psychology course.

Scientific Foundations of Psychology: 10–14%

Biological Bases of Behavior: 8–10%

Sensation and Perception: 6–8%

Learning: 7–9%

Cognitive Psychology: 13–17%

Developmental Psychology: 7–9%

Motivation, Emotion, and Personality: 11–15%

Clinical Psychology: 12–16%

Social Psychology: 8–10%

AP Psychology Application features

Free Practice Questions: 1000+ FREE AP Psychology practice questions with detailed explanations are available for all of the required skills. All you need to pass your recruitment test is available here.

AP Psychology Practice Tests Based On Real Tests: Same number of questions, same time limits, same structure. The exam simulators let you familiarize with the test format and get totally ready for the real one.

No Sign Up Or Login Required: All of your progress is saved without an account, even if you close your browser. But login can sync your date between web and mobile applications.

Gamification: The learning process will be divided into small milestones. Let’s make your studying exciting as if you were in some interesting games.

Personal Study Plan: Just enter your AP Psychology test date, a study plan will be set up for you. A clear schedule will surely exceed your expectation and get you best preparation for the read shot.

3 Interesting Test Modes: 3 different test modes with increased difficult level let you experience the test in various ways.

Dark Mode: Experience dark theme which is more friendly to your eyes, and get a whole new and marvelous experience.

No Internet Required: Study on the go conveniently without any Internet connection.

AP Psychology Test Bank: 3 features: Weak/ Medium/ Strong questions help you clearly determine which area you should pay more attention.

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