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Airplane Defense

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Opis Airplane Defense

Synthetic aircraft can be upgraded to become a more combative aircraft, build your aircraft empire, and continue to produce gold coins. Destroy enemy planes and earn a lot of gold coins, then use gold coins to buy stronger aircraft and synthesize the strongest fighters in the final form.
This is a stand-alone game that combines hang-up, compositing, tower defense, and aircraft wars! No need to download a bunch of games, this game can meet all your needs!

- Upgrade the aircraft through mergers and destroy enemy aircraft to obtain gold coins.
- There are over 40 different airplanes in the game. Merger upgrade to get a more advanced aircraft, firepower is enhanced!
- Surprise packs are randomly dropped and opened to receive excess rewards.
- Place the system and the aircraft can automatically fight and produce gold coins on the tarmac. Earn even if you're offline.

[game features]
- The gameplay is simple but addictive.
- Free download, no need to flow to play, daily login and rewards!
- Rich gold coin rewards, resurrection, and firepower doubling skills allow you to dominate the sky and enjoy the glory of the king!
- Super gorgeous barrage, cool combat effects, a variety of game modes, absolutely let you fight hearty!

Come on and let your aircraft team become the most powerful team in the world!

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Kategoria: Darmowe Rekreacyjne GRA

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Wymagania: Android 4.1+

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