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2.11.6 by Vidma Video Studio

Jul 23, 2024

O AI Video Editor - Vidma AI Cut

Video edit like a pro! Video maker with music & video editing app for slideshow.

Vidma is an easy-to-use music video editor and video maker, with a wide selection of music and trending video effects that elevate your videos to stand out on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook!

With this app, you can easily create and edit stunning videos that capture the essence of your life experiences. Add text animations, on-trend video effects, stylish video filters, fancy stickers, smooth transitions, and so much more!

Free Video Editor & Maker

- Strong standalone editing apps for videos, easy-to-use video trimmer.

- Movie maker with transition effects, video maker with music.

- Edit & crop videos. Powerful video editor for TikTok, Instagram, etc.

Add Music to Video

- Video maker with music, including over 1000 high-quality songs.

- Extract audio from videos, edit and trim audio clips.

- Record voice-over audio, add voice effects, etc.

- Add fade-in/out effects to music and audio.

Edit Videos Effects & Filters

- Make your videos look vibrant with the latest filters and effects. Get cool effects like Glitch, Motion Blur, Retro, VHS, 90s, D3D, and more.

- Cinematic color grading option. Make your film or video footage more cinematic by adjusting saturation, temperature, exposure, brightness, vignette, fade, and contrast.

Music Video Maker

- Multi-track video editing app. Add overlay videos, effects, transitions, stickers, and text easily.

- Precise video editing app. Combine, duplicate, split, and trim your footage.

- Save drafts anytime and edit them later.

- Redo/undo your edits as you want.

Video Background Editor

- Slideshow maker with various templates.

- Edit your videos in landscape, portrait or square.

- Crop, scale, change the dimensions and aspect ratio in one tap.

- Various backgrounds: Plain color, gradient color, stylish pattern.

Velocity Edit Maker

- Preset speed ramp effects.

- Create speed-up/slow-motion videos easily.

- Maintain audio pitch while speed ramping.

- Reverse video clips and sync videos to music beats.

Professional Video Editing

- BG Removal. Cut out people from the video background.

- Keyframes. Bring static images to life by adding motion effects.

- Chroma Key. Replace any video background with green screens.

- Video Overlay & Blender. Overlay different footage and blend them together.

- Freeze Frame. Add a dramatic flair to your videos by halting movement with one tap.

Movie Maker with Awesome Assets

- Browse millions of curated, royalty-free images and videos.

- Use our search bar to search for high quality video footage.

Share Videos with Razor-sharp Quality

- Export and save your videos in 4K resolution without quality loss.

- Resize the video to any social media-friendly size and share anywhere.

There's no better video maker than Vidma Music Video Maker, because it has all the powerful editing features. Everyone can edit videos for TikTok, Instagram, Reels. You can add effects, filters, music, and fonts to your videos using our video trimming and video joining app. Video editing has never been easier.

Enjoy Vidma Music Video Editor (video editing & video maker with music)? Connect with us at

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Youtube: @vidmavideoeditor

TikTok: @vidmavideoeditor

Instagram: @vidma.editor

Discord: Vidma Editor


There is no official affiliation between Vidma and Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook or any other social media platform (including, but not limited to, affiliation, association, sponsorship, authorization, endorsement).

Co nowego w najnowszej wersji 2.11.6

Last updated on Jul 23, 2024

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Dostępne AI Video Editor - Vidma AI Cut aktualizacje 2.11.6

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Văn Long

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Android 9.0+

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