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WordBit German

(for English speakers) for Android


De beschrijving van WordBit German

❓❔Why do you constantly miss the opportunity to study German?❓❗
There is a way to increase your German proficiency by using the time you didn’t know you had!
It’s just using lock screen. How does this work?
The moment you check your cell phone, your attention is focused on the screen. You are free from what you’ve just been doing and ready to receive new information.
At this very moment, WordBit converts your attention for a little while to studying German.
Everytime you check your phone, you miss out on valuable time and attention. WordBit allows you to grab that.

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Features of this app
■ The innovative method of learning using lockscreen
When you check messages, watch YouTube, or simply check the time, you can study dozens of words and sentences a day! This will accumulate to more than a thousand words per month, and you'll learn automatically and unconsciously.

■ Optimized content for lockscreen
WordBit provides content in a perfect size suitable for lockscreen and from now on learning will only take an instant. So there's no need to stop doing what you do!

■ Helpful examples
With example sentences, you can learn how words are used in real life and what words they are used with.

■ Vocabulary categories sorted by level
You can study words and phrases adapted to your level. (More than 10,000 words from basic to advanced)

■ Additional content
Nouns: Articles are distinguished by color, plural forms
Verbs: short & long version of conjugation tables provided
Adjectives: comparative, superlative forms
Grammar tips: irregular verbs, irregular articles

Well organized, rich content
■ Sentences
- You can also learn commonly used sentences.
■ Various categories of Idioms, Proverbs, etc.
■ Images for total beginners
■ Pronunciation - Automatic pronunciation and display of stress marks.

Extremely useful features for learners
■ Quiz, cover mode
■ Daily Repeat Function
You can repeat as many words as you want for 24 hours.
■ The personalized word classification function
You can check learned words and remove them from your study list.
■ Search function
■ 16 different color themes (dark themes available)

■ [Contents]■

📗 ■ Vocabulary (for beginners) with images😉
🌱Numbers, Time (107)
🌱Animals, Plants (101)
🌱Food (148)
🌱Relationships (61)
🌱Others (1,166)

📘 ■ Vocabulary (by level)
🌳Beginner (1,142)
🌳Intermediate (1,919)
🌳Upper-Interm (2,021)
🌳Advanced (1,363)
🌳Upper-Advanced (1,959)
🌳Misc (simple) (361)
🌳Misc (complex) (284)

📙■ Expressions😎
🌿 Basic Expressions (353)
🌿 Travel (317)
🌿 Health (163)

WordBit German Update

📱🔔[Review on the notification panel]
Again,we found a new space to study unconsciously. (Answer : notification bar!)
Mark words as "Unknown" or "Uncertain" to review them in the notification bar!

🔵 Click [> button] 👉 to see next word
🔵 Click on the [word] 👉 to see examples and other details.
🔵 ✌️ Swipe down with two fingers to expand.

*If you can't see words, mark words in the app with ❓ and 🔺 marks on top of the OK button.

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Uploaded by: Fuad Huseynov

Laatste Versie: update van WordBit German

Available on: Verkrijg WordBit German via Google Play

Benodigdheden: Android 4.4+

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