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Are you ready to beat some orc faces? Grab your mates and destroy all enemies! Real-time, fast-paced, tactic-based game about orc-bros versus tricky-builded-bases.Features? Who cares about that, just pick your bros and punch enemies! Well, there are-
Ontwar ze allemaal, ontspan je hersenen en "verviervoudig" je plezier!
Merge Vliegtuigen is eenvoudig en verslavend fusie spel. Bouw je Airline rijk. In het begin ben je kapitein van een kleine schattige vliegtuig. Je moet nieuwe te kopen en samen te voegen dezelfde vliegtuigen om beter en opgewaardeerd tanden te krijge
Een opwindende, nieuwe aflevering van My Town: bezoek Opa's& Oma's huis, een digitaal poppenhuis, op verzoek van veel van onze fans ontworpen! Er zijn zo veel plekken te ontdekken, interessante personages en objecten om mee te spelen. Opa & Oma bezoe
Wil jij je IQ testen?Raadselmeester is het #1 IQ-puzzelspel. Los alle lastige vragen op en test je hersenkracht!Kun jij ze allemaal oplossen?
RACE FOR SURVIVAL Control a man made out of pixel blocks as he races through challenging obstacle courses in this fun and fast-paced running game. Watch out: as Pixel Boy bumps into obstacles, he’ll lose pixels! Run and jump over the hurdles to ensur
Geniet van een opwindende Killer Sudoku-ervaring! Duik in de nieuwe Sudoku-speelervaring, los massa's nieuwe uitdagende nummerpuzzels op, en train je brein!Installeer nu gratis!Deze Killer Sudoku-game is afkomstig van de ontwikkelaars van 's werelds
Help the man to family's home and garden. What you need to do is to pull the pins in the right order, so that the man can take the money, save his wife away from thieves, crazy dogs, ghosts and monsters safely. Unlocking more chapters and more char
The holy justice will be served!OMG! Being the ruler of heaven and hell is not that easy!You’ll be the judge of both physical and spiritual world as you shape the destiny of the souls. The divine power is in the palm of your hands.-Swipe up to send r
You've never been this close to winning, so hurry up and join the «Happiness Number» app soon. This app is a direct path to success. Test your fortune and play a funny game. A big win is already waiting for you. Hurry to pick it up.
The Imposter is a fun and engaging Action game. Your mission is simple: Execute all living crewmates in the spaceship. Let no one survive.★ HOW TO PLAY:- Hold and drag to move around the ship, kill the crewmates, and sabotage the objects.- When you
🕵️‍♀️ Can you solve the mystery of the Windmill Cafe?A cloaked figure burns down a family business, but why? Follow the exciting storyline and help Amelia to find answers and maybe even the love of her life! 💑 🥧 A tasty new game full of excitement
Swipe your finger to guide your character and break the boxes.Eat all foods and collect coins to make the fattest pusher ever!Collect all coins and upgrade skills.Very easy to play and fun!
The exciting game "Reign of Zeus" will helpwill help you to relax and develop yourcare and response.Find numbers that are greater or less.Learn the great secrets of the god of Greece.
It's 1938. And the world finds itself on the brink of war yet again.Europe is faced with the threat of a resurgent Germany under fascist leadership.▶ Prepare for World War IIAllies remain idle.The two sleeping giants—the Soviets and America—hasten th
Love playing with oddly satisfying Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety Tools Bundle simulations? Love ASMR triggers and relaxing nice vibrations of device that feels so real and you feel like being a part of that relaxing eyegasmic 3D activity fidget toy
Become a Battle Royale epic hero. Stay alive! Stand the battlefront. FOG calls for action!FOG is a brand new dark fantasy MMORPG mobile game. FOG is a combination of MOBA (MOBA - a multiplayer online battle arena) features, immersive RPG (role-playin
New style free card game Solitaire. It also known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience solitaire.We kept the game true to the spirit of the classic Solitaire. Funny and challenging card game that anyone can enjoy. Simple to start but hard to master. Pop
Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic brings to you one of the most compelling and satisfying traffic dodging experience in the world!Features:- Choose from the fastest high-performance motorcycles!- Enjoy extreme 3D visuals!- Prove your skills in hardcore
🐸 🐸 🐸🐸🐸🐸 🐸 🐸Marble Puzzle shooter is marble bubble shooter game with the theme of Magic mystery designed The basic shooter game is like the old games you might played before! But we are offering you the brand new shooting games :Games designe
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