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Pressed Coins at Disneyland

Perseverance for Android

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De beschrijving van Pressed Coins at Disneyland

Pressed Coins at Disneyland is a simple and elegant way to keep your pressed coin collection organized. It is easy to find coins and see which ones you already have. This eliminates the need to bring your whole collection with you to the park or try to remember which coins you already have. Save all coins collected for easy reference and organization. This app will be extremely useful for everyone - from a casual hobby to serious collector.

The goal of this app is to make collecting pressed coins much easier and enjoyable. As they are the most unique and least expensive souvenir at Disneyland this app gives organization to your growing collection. The coins will always be as up to date as possible and I encourage you to give feedback with your thoughts. I am open to suggestions for new features, ideas, or any changes you think would improve the overall experience of the app.


100% AD FREE - This is meant to be a great resource for collectors. There is no reason to have ads interfering with that.

Ease of use - This app is straight-forward to use and is extremely user-friendly. The design is simple yet the app keeps your whole collection organized with ease. The app manages all of the difficult parts in maintaining a pressed coin collection so you can focus on the fun part of collecting coins.

Custom coin entry- You have the option of including your own coins in the app. You have control over the front and back image, the name of the coin, the park it is from, type of coin it is, the date you collected it, and you can even add specific notes for that coin. These coins are fully integrated with the entire app to showcase your full collection.

Images - Images of all lands, machines, coin previews, and pressed coins included in the app. Coin images can be displayed full screen with all the information of the coin.

Digital Coin Book - A digital coin book displaying images of all collected coins. It has the ability to sort the collection based on several different sort types along with a custom sort. The custom sort enables you to drag and drop your coins however you would like. You may also sort the coins by land. Another display option in the coin book is to display the details of each coin in a list.

Coin List - A coin list displaying the information of each coin separated by machine and by land. It is neatly organized by the park and serves as a quick shortcut to all of the coins available. It also displays the coins you have collected already in color while ones not collected will be gray. This makes it a great reference guide for your collection when getting new coins.

Map - Display an integrated Google Map with a marker at each machine location. Each marker displays the machine name when selected with the option to see all available coins in that machine. All of the markers are also color-coded for easy reference to how many coins are left to collect for that specific machine.

Navigation - Provides full navigation from your location to the coin machine location. The directions are based on walking and are provided by Google. This makes finding each machine significantly easier if you are unfamiliar with the Disneyland Resort.

Show on Map - Displays selected machine on the map for a quick reference on where the machine is located relative to you.

Search - Search for any character or interest and see what coins are available that match.

Retired Machines - Saves machines that have been removed or changed in the park for updating your old collection. Also in case Disney removes a machine you have coins from you lose no information about it.

Thank you to all of the current users for your amazing support!!!

Pressed Coins at Disneyland Perseverance Update

Google auto backup is now included.

The storage location for custom coins has been moved to the app's protected memory.

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