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Scooter Sharing. Rent a Electric Scooter

2.12 for Android

Cooltra Motosharing SL

De beschrijving van eCooltra

How do you get around your city? Do you take your car every day and spend hours in traffic jams or finding parking? What if instead of travelling by car, motorcycle or public transport you could rent an electric scooter? Sounds good, right?

With eCooltra, you can locate and reserve an electric scooter among hundreds of them in the city using the map in the app, drive it to the destination you want and park it where it suits you. You only need your smartphone to rent it. You will only pay rent for the minutes you use it!

eCooltra scootersharing has arrived in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Rome and Milan with the idea of facilitating your urban movements in terms of an electric scooter rental system, offering the largest fleet of electric scooters in Europe. Welcome to the revolution of scootersharing and carsharing, where vehicle sharing is useful and sustainable.

If you work or you have been thinking about travelling to one of these cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Rome, Milan or Lisbon, to move around its streets with a rental scooter sounds very tempting. On top of that, the scooter is electric, so it is ecological and sustainable as well. Rent with a good conscience.

How does the eCooltra app work?

1) Locate a rental scooter on the map in the eCooltra app. Choose between a large fleet of rental electric scooters. Search for the nearest scooter and click the ""Reserve"" button to rent it. 📲

2) Go to the electric scooter and by way of ""Find Scooter"" the horn will sound and turn on the indicators, which is ideal for finding your rental scooter among other vehicles! 🏍

3) Pick one of the two helmets that are provided with each scooter and start your ride with the “Start/Stop button”. Let's ride! 👌

4) Once you arrive at your destination, park wherever it suits you best. With eCooltra, there are no specific stations. 🅿

5) Store the helmet and end the session. 👏

You can rent and drive eCooltra's electric scooters when and where you need them, there are no fixed stations, which means you can drive the scooter and leave it at your destination, as long as it is within the designated zone of your city. Forget spending hours looking for parking and moving around in the most agile and sustainable way possible. And with two free helmets to choose from.
You no longer need a car or motorcycle to get around in the city. Use the online booking app, rent a scooter and drive to your destination. You can use the parking facilities where and when you need it. Free yourself from the city's traffic jams.

Advantages of the app

✔️ Pay only for the minutes of use.
✔️ All-inclusive insurance that covers you and your companion.
✔️ Forget maintenance and battery charging. At eCooltra, we take care of that.
✔️ The largest fleet of electric scooters in Europe.
✔️ How to find your scooter? Click the ""Find Scooter"" button and you will magically hear it among all the other vehicles.
✔️ Goodbye to endless traffic jams or problems parking in front of your destination.
✔️ If you truly believe in a better and more sustainable world, join the new mobility and help us save more than 1,000 tons of CO2 per year. 🍀

When can eCooltra help me?
eCooltra can be used if you have a valid driving licence. Haven't you heard about scootersharing or carsharing? Instead of maintaining a scooter or car, why not share electric scooters with the other residents of your city? Go on a rental scooter to work, to sporadic meetings, to a dinner with your partner, etc. eCooltra is useful at all times. Questions or comments about the application: How to find a scooter? How does scootersharing work, etc.? Write us at

* Registration in the app requires validation via an ID card and a valid driving licence.
** The rental of electric scooters is subject to the conditions of use and the availability of scooters on the map.
*** eCooltra scootersharing operates in the following cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Rome, Milan and Lisbon.

eCooltra 2.12 Update

Do you know when the electricity or gas bill arrives and you don't understand anything at all? Well, we can’t solve that in this version, but we do incorporate a better detail of the concepts that we charge you and discount on each ride with eCooltra.
And then, there are all those little things (or huge things!) that the programmers must do and that make everything better, but that you won't see.

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