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Carp Pilot

Carp Pilot v. 1.3.1 for Android

Olav Aamaas

De beschrijving van Carp Pilot

Feature rich autopilot control application for ArduPilot of type "Rover", designed for use with the carp angler's baitboat. As a companion to your remote control, or even as a complete replacement.

Noteworthy features list for boat use:
- Virtual joystick
- Servo controller for most baitboat functions. Tailor it to your own boat build
- Multi-function servo channels also supported (momentary)
- Supports ArduPilot connected NMEA transducers, click to log as csv
- Support distance sensors in any direction (drive boat close to a bank)
- Add hot spots anytime at boat position, or by entering lat/long
- On map planning of routes, hot spots and surveys
- Easy switch of map style provider and styles directly in map screen
- Mapbox integration with offline maps support
- Mapbox studio various styles integration for any custom map
- Display bathymetric maps on screen directly from KMZ file import
- One-click send boat to desired position, no need for missions
- Toggle arm/disarm status to control boat home position

Supported interfaces to connect app with your bait boat:
USB (OTG cable & mavlink radio), Bluetooth (typically on shore base station w/Bluetooth), TCP (typically on shore base station w/WiFi AP or boats w/WiFi AP).

App is build on top of the once great "Tower" application. A simple, yet feature rich app. But mainly targeted at the multi rotor pilots. Tower could be used for controlling bait boats, but it was a far from ideal compromise. Carp anglers needed an app of our own!

The Carp Pilot app is designed and tested by enthusiast carp anglers and water mappers to fit our special hobby. The modifications from Tower are significant. We have added features carp anglers really need when we enjoy our hobby. The app can of course be used by any boat or vehicle of type "rover". But please do not use this app with any other ArduPilot vehicle type than the ROVER as key features (like the altitude) has been removed.

We recommend the app to be used with ArduRover firmware ver 4.0+. Some features will be limited on older firmware versions.

A special thanks to the Carp Pilot's test team. For ideas, patience, inspiration. For great advice on building boats. Electronics. Wireless echo sounders. Wifi range extenders. Making maps. GPS configuration. Printing boat parts. Translations. And for all the shared ideas for this great hobby we all have in common.
A big salute to Thomas, Andrey, Max, Pedro, Jens and Twan!!!

Carp Pilot Carp Pilot v. 1.3.1 Update

Version 1.3.1 is mostly about video support. New abilities:
UVC Video widget:
- Small/large, ability to set resolution and record video with audio
- Please allow camera, audio and storage permissions to use UVC video!
- Please don't remove USB cable while video window is open on phones running Android 10/11
HTTP Video widget (video from URL source):
- Small/large, ability to zoom video
In addition:
List of points in go-to panel may be used to direct boat as alternative to map click

Additional Information

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Uploaded by: Hamid Lahbouri

Laatste Versie: Carp Pilot v. 1.3.1Verzoek update van Carp Pilot

Available on: Verkrijg Carp Pilot via Google Play

Benodigdheden: Android 5.0+

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