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3D Designer

3D Modeling for Android

Fun with 3D

De beschrijving van 3D Designer

3D Designer becomes the simplest application to get started in 3D modeling!

Indeed, animations explain each tool, but above all, you can now also build 3D models by following a step-by-step 3D guide!
This shows the complete model in transparent, and first of all the first part to be created flashes. Once created, you move on to the next one and so on, 1 by 1, this way you can see in which order to assemble the model.
Come and try, and you'll understand very quickly!

This 3D modeler / 3D model builder is presented as a game for everyone, both for kids and adults!

Unlike other 3D art software or apps, it is designed more like an arcade game. Throw 3D shapes to create them, throw paintballs to color and shoot balls to destroy objects!
Plus, each action and tool plays a different sound, making the 3D building experience more engaging.

Of course, you can also create 3D virtual objects without using the 3D guide, or use 3D Designer as a 3D painting / 3D coloring game by coloring the characters and other creations included.
You have all the freedom you want with these 3D tools, so have fun, while developing your creativity and artistic skills at the same time!

In 3D Designer, the user interface is much simpler than other modeling applications or CAD software, so you will quickly get very good results and an understanding of 3D space.

Download it now and start creating your favorite animal, or a house or whatever you want!

On Instagram, you can see examples of 3D graphics, such as 3D characters, animals, vehicles and other 3D models made with 3D Designer:

Come everyday to get and collect free 3D models. You can then reproduce them, color them differently, or even combine them using "File-> Open-> Import 3D model".

Every time you start a new creation, without a 3D guide, the app will offer you easy and cool ideas. Little by little, you will have more advanced challenges.

You can also try the challenge of the day in this 3D modeler. It's a new challenge every day that is the same for everyone.

If you want, you can create an image, export it outside the app, or share it directly on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other social media.

- The user interface takes up little screen space, so you have the majority of the screen for your model. You can use it on phone or tablet and orient the screen vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape).
- You can also set an image at the top of the screen to reproduce to guide you and facilitate the creation of beautiful designs. Use your photos or get photos from the Internet.
- There are many predefined geometric shapes (cubes, rounded cubes, cylinders, pyramids, balls, cones, tori and many others). You can convert directly from one shape to another.
- Change the background to any color or use an image. You can also embed your 3D model in the real world using the front or back camera of your phone or tablet in the background.
- In addition, by connecting the shapes in the form of a tree, you can go faster to manipulate a group of elements. For example, when you assemble a character, you can attach the head to the torso, and the eyes, nose, and mouth to the head. This way the sub-elements (eyes, mouth, etc.) move / rotate correctly at the same time every time you move or turn your head or body.
- You can select and modify several elements at the same time to go faster.
- Finally, you can improve the rendering by changing the orientation of the lighting, using one or more lamps, and orienting them differently to rotate the shadows, especially before posting a photo on social networks. Then you will get better results!

3D Designer is constantly being improved and new features will be coming soon, like 3D puzzles and animations, so keep it up to date and enjoy 3D modeling!

3D Designer Update

Introduction phase update + Several minor fixes added

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