Ready to Catch Pokémon in Chatime Globally

What's new in the collaboration between Pokemon Go and Chatime? PokeStops and Gyms!

By July Baker


In July and August, Pokémon launches many attractive activities for its diehard fans, such as daily adventures and legendary Pokémon. This time, Pokémon still has coming cooperation with a famous global teahouse brand, which means Pokémon trainers can catch Pokémon, collect more items, and engage in raids when they near Chatime.

Speaking of Chatime, as a global franchise teahouse, it has more than 2500 outlets all over the world, including Canada, Australia, Thailand, and United States.

However, the plan has not been very mature, so players can try this function in UK and Taiwan temporarily. More countries will be unlocked in the near future. According to the latest info, the rollout will reach Canada in September, Malaysia in November, and Australia in January 2023. Do not forget to check limited-time sales, bubble tea, and new products when you reach Chatime.

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