PUBG MOBILE Version 2.1 Update Patch Notes

Check out PUBG MOBILE version 2.1.0 update details including new themes, new C3S7, new Royale Pass Month and many more!

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PUBG MOBILE released new version 2.1.0 on July 11th with a bunch of new themes and improvements. The new Ancient Secret: Arise game mode brings back Pharaoh theme that has been missed by many PUBG players. And the game will hold an online virtual concert with Korean popular K-pop group BLACKPINK as their second cooperation. Other than that, some improvements have been made to help players get better gaming experience. Last but not least, the new C3S7 and Royale Pass Month have arrived with great rewards. Let's have a quick glance at the video below.



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    Ancient Secret: Arise Themed Game Mode

    Many PUBG MOBILE players have been missing the Ancient Secret event. Luckily, you are now having a chance to experience the history of Egypt once again in the new themed game mode Ancient Secret: Arise. Players will experience a sandstorm and defeat mummy warriors in various Temples and Ruins to get the hidden treasure. In addition, players can attend Monument Tour by entering the Emperor Temple and making the Sand Giant move around with the Ancient Secret on its back. You will get extra rewards if you enter the Ancient Secret to solve the puzzle and complete the trial.

    Check more details on Ancient Secret: Arise Mode.

    PUBG Mobile Reveals Ancient Secret: Arise Event in Season 7 Update on July 13th


    PUBG Mobile Reveals Ancient Secret: Arise Event in Season 7 Update on July 13th

    PUBG Mobile's Ancient Secret: Arise will be released with more to expected on July 13th.

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    PUBG MOBILE will hold its first-ever online virtual concert with Korean's K-pop girls group BLACKPINK named The Virtual from July 22th to July 24 and July 29th to July 31st. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will release a special track and music video for PUBG Mobile.

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    BLACKPINK X PUBG MOBILE In-Game Concert: THE VIRTUAL Coming from 22 July


    BLACKPINK X PUBG MOBILE In-Game Concert: THE VIRTUAL Coming from 22 July

    PUBG Mobile will host its first-ever virtual concert with K-Pop group Blackpink starting from July.

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    New Ultimate Arena

    Players can enter the intense Ultimate Arena from Ranked - Arena on maps Erangel and Livik starting from Aug 11th. You and your teammates will fight for multiple rounds and the team wins 4 rounds first will win the match.


    The new Cycle 3 Season 7 has started from July 19th to Sept 19th! Players can unlock commemorative titles by completing the new Ancient Secret missions. Season rewards will include C3S7 Glasses, C3S7 Set, C3S7 Parachute, C3S7 - QBU, C3S7 Mask, C3S7 Cover. Additionally, players can obtain New Season Bonus Point Card and limited-time Rating Protection Card to rank up quickly.

    Royale Pass Month 13: Exo-Genesis

    The new Royale Pass Month 13 has started from July 19th to Aug 18th with Legendary rewards. Redeem an RP-exclusive Wingman finish at 90% off and get Super Points Mission rebates!

    Other Improvements

    Aside from the above main updates in new themes and new events, PUBG MOBILE also made some improvements in Chat Room, Cheer Park, Moments, Subscriptions and basic experience. View the official website to learn more details if you need.

    Also you can follow their Twitter account to get more details in time.

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